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Oriental Work List

  • Fix Diesel fuel line
  • Replace alternator belt
  • Fix dodger
  • Test Zodiac Motor
  • Wire brush and spray paint rusted motor parts
  • Clean under engine
  • Repack stuffing box
  • Install CO2 monitor
  • Change Hailing Port to West Point
  • Fix Genoa Rip
  • Reposition Jib furl lead
  • Troubleshoot battery monitor
  • Create Compass deviation card
  • Install Maptech charts
  • Jib Sheet chafe guard


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  • 1 Living it up down South… // Dec 6, 2007 at 9:24 am

    [...] the friendly banter does not turn to animosity directed at “those damn Yankees” ! A work day, see list here and some weather watching as we prepare for our next jump ideally to Charleston, [...]

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