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“Oh the places we’ve been”

June 3rd, 2008 · 3 Comments

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P1010051 Dr. Seuss”s book was actually titled “Oh the Place You’ll Go” and his characters and pictures may have been a little more interesting and unusual then the ones we have posted over the last six and a half months, but we can now say we have gone to lots of amazing places and met some interesting characters of our own along the way!

Some of the most caring people I met were the wonderful Kerstens family that invited me in for a rather unique Florida Christmas. There really is nothing like being 26 and having Christmas with Christopher, a four year boy who got a very cool remote control car, which I had to test out for him! Then a week later I met the Whites, another family I am sure to keep in touch with and whose boat I helped sail up the east coast. On top of these great people we met tons of friendly and not so friendly locals along the way, all of whom made the different places new and exciting for us.

P1010130 Actually on our last night out at sea John and I started talking about all the places we have been to on this trip. Meanwhile a ball of fire also know as the sun, was gently lowering itself into the ocean directly off our port side, and 3 northern right whales blew water up into the sky then raised their fins to say goodbye to the Audax and our 6 month Caribbean Endeavour!

It is unbelievable to think it was 6 months long, which for us was the perfect amount of time. I think about Phil and Amy who did 3 years traveling around the world and I feel lucky to have had all Phil’s help getting us safely out to sea and home again, but no desirechelsea 123 to spend 3 years out there! Speaking of getting out to sea the number of people that helped prepare Audax is outstanding. My brother Sverre was there for us, Bruce Schwab, and tons of others putting in their time and skills. Also all the people that came down really made this trip the great experience that it was, and somehow we all managed to have a blast with every one of them. Go figure when you have good friends, a sail boat, and the Caribbean Sea. It doesn’t get much better! We even got our parents down there. Well at least my wonderful mom and the Herrigels, which I think we can name Rodgy as Audax’s biggest supporter!

Looking back the thing that really made this trip great for me was Byron, Steve, and John.chelsea 013 Papa Steve is a man I look up to and have great respect for. Even if sometimes I push to get places faster and he likes to chill and relax. There were not many words that came out of Steve’s mouth that I didn’t take to heart and I know I am a better person after having spent so much time with him.

P1010129 Beeroan, as I like to call him is certainly a man of enthusiasm, and ideas! I am impressed at the leap of faith he took contacting some strangers to go sailing, which is something he hadn’t done much of, especially with all the off shore passages!

Lastly of course is Johnboy who I have known since a young age, growing up together throughout the summers. John and I are very similar and half the time we say something to the other, the other is thinking the same thing! For the past 6 months I think the most we were apart on an average day was 2 hours, which is more time then any married couple. All I can say about how much John means to me as a friend is I am lucky he is not a girl or I might be married right now!!!

P1010012 Between all the amazing characters and places along the way I know that this experience can never be duplicated and will certainly never be forgotten. So as this chapter ends (not sure Dr. Seuss books have chapters) I am looking forward to many more exciting ones to come my way, and thanks to everyone for supporting us!
Jordi St. John

“The Sea We Traveled”

P1000987 Back on land, is it grand? Rowing out and boarding the mighty Audax yesterday on a rainy, gray day to ensure she was not sinking (due to the nagging leak!) I went down the hatch and was greeted by the stale, diesel infused, spartan scene. Surreal and a tad sad… the magic of the journey having come to an end….the realization that she is simply a boat. The trip was the relationships, the camaraderie, the dynamic moments of aliveness generated by our actions, the often seamless actions of Jordi, Steve, Byron and myself… the excitement and enthusiasm of our guests…of sharing with fellow cruisers….of interacting with the local communities.

P1010037 As we made our first calls from Buzzards Bay, the final night at sea and through the first hours of landfall in Maine….“emotional ecstasy” I feel best describes our state of mind. Yet momental awareness can so quickly fade into routines…the realization and re immersion into an overwhelmingly materially overloaded situation and society. On sea as on land there are stresses and anxieties…yet as I re-compress I do have a different perspective, a different outlook. Life is more comfortable and more alive as I consciously love it, live it, learn from it and most importantly share it.

To Steve, Jordi and Byron

Byroneee – a chance aligning of the stars to future greatness.
Papa Steve – a cell phone found, spiritual connections abound.
Jord Boy – 20+ years of true awesomeness thus far.
You are my brothers and true companions.
The bond is eternal and everlasting.
Thank you from every part of my mind, body and soul.
I love you guys.

To all family, friends, supporters and readers:

You made this trip what it is.
We love you, please come visit us!!!

To the Audax
Thank you for the safe passages, the safe travels, for being our home.
You rock.

Moving ever forward living out our purpose…
To create joy/to enjoy.
To be happy, to seek wealth and prosperity for self – both ourself and yourself.
The Audax is back home where she shall now roam.
And I hope all who have shared and cared.
Shall come have a toast along this wonderful Maine coast.

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The Best Way to Predict the Future it to Create It
God Bless and Good Day.

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