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Moving forward…

April 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments

P1010114 1830 “Do you like it hot hot hot?!?! Can you feel it hot hot hot.” It is HOT in Road Town, Tortola tonight as I sit here one last time at the Bakery. Next stop: DOMINICA! 250 miles…2 days plus 2 nights and we pray for a safe passage. To dwell on the past – not productive….to think about the future –exciting yet not necessary… to be here…right NOW…priceless! A surreal departure yesterday. 150 days equals 3600 hours all on 38 feet. It has that kind of effect on you. To think about the shared moments…the laughing…the crying, the bumping it down to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” whilst watching the sunset. With the St. John Tarantulas a long way away sleep well Stevey and see you oh so soon with cheeseburgers, diet cokes, and ice cream!!!!

We love you.


Click here to read Stevey’s final Post

P1010113 Here is Byron. If you thought Jordi and I had energy… well this guy leaves us both asking “what the ?????” Enthusiastic, willing to learn, not AWOL yet and truly appearing to sincerely enjoy every minute of it thus far. Team Audax is ready.

But first we went down, down, down. Wasting no time whilst still here we dove today on the RMS Rhone shipwreck in search of sunken treasure to fund our last leg. Empty handed materially, but full to the brim P4230008 soulfully we provisioned, we changed the oil, switched out an alternator belt, FOUND THE LEAK, and now we look forward to the arrival of Jordi’s brother Nat this evening. Tomorrow we will awake and for goodness sake finally leave the BVI’s in an Audax wake!

A truly heartfelt thank you to all who have made our experience in the Virgin Islands Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious!!!!!

Photo Montage click here

In order of appearance on the Audax: Jonas, Sarah, Andrew, Ben, Gordi, Johanna, Kate, Erin, Josh, Suzette, Chelsi, Bryn, Ethan, Scot, David, Bob, Kelly, Andrew, Matt, Rosie, Jillian, Rodger, Dagny, Amanda, Natalie, & Nat. Kisses and love to all, we have had a ball.

Lorraine Squared. Thank you for letting us all share your wonderful home for a while

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Jordi’s Back…

April 23rd, 2008 · 2 Comments

P1010672 I am back on the mighty Audax after a two week hiatus that consisted of sailing a new 50 foot Beneteau up the east coast of the United States. Making the decision to leave Audax when my mom, Rodger, Jillian, Andrew, Matt, Rosie, Natalie, and Amanda (did I miss anyone?) was not an easy one and it sounds like great times where had by all who visited. Looking through John and Stevie’s photos was fun for me but probably not as much of a blast as the time everyone had while here!

My trip was started around New Years while we were in Grand Bahama Island where I met Greg White, his lovely wife,P1010708 Dana, and four children, Alexandra, Emma, Reise, and Andrew. The plan for the delivery was for me to meet up in Ft Lauderdale, Florida with Greg and his friend from college Bill Higgins. We took off on the morning of the 7th and did a trip back up the Intracoastal Waterway to West Palm Beach, because of bad weather offshore (passing all the mansions and fast boats along the way).

The next morning we headed 100 miles offshore to get in the Gulf Stream which flows north at 2-3knots, only difference toP1010689 this boat and Audax is it has refrigeration, microwave, AC and all the other amenities plus new sails! Needless to say we ended up eating frozen dinners, which is no Audax meal but quick and easy while way out at sea.

P1010679 One night was spent in Charleston, S.C and then we were back at sea and out a long way to get around Cape Hatteras, of course just as we were out there the wind picked up to 49 knots and the seas are 10 plus feet high! Luckily it was all coming out of the south and so just pushing us along and not right on our noses. We managed to surf down one waveP1010674 and get a good gust of wind that pushed us to 17.6 knots surpassing Audax’s 9 knots!!! To be honest I felt pretty safe being on this 2007 50 foot boat but Bill managed to have a quick vomit over the side while staying harnessed to the roller coaster we called a boat. Once the wind and seas died out we put into Ocean City, MD to fill up on fuel before making the final push for Padanaram in Buzzards Bay, during which we saw a 15 foot long Great White Shark who found it convenient to swim under the bow and scare 3 grown men.

All said and done the trip took us 9 days, giving me enough time to head up to Portland and see a few people there beforeP1010706 riding with Katrina back down to Sverre and Jenn’s place in New Jersey for a Saturday morning flight to St Thomas. The next day as my mom and I were sitting on the beach at Cinnamon Bay, St John we saw Steve and John coming around the corner with Audax and I got really excited about what we have ahead of us and another great safe trip home!

On a sad side note John and I dropped Papa Stevie off into the money hungry hands of the St. Thomas taxi drivers at 7am this morning! We will miss you big guy and thanks for an amazing 5 months together. This afternoon Matthew Byron arrives (aka Byron) and we head off for a day in Tortola before a trip to Dominica and the Leeward Islands.

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And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

April 22nd, 2008 · 3 Comments

P4190191 1543 From a dash of the Audax Rash to dancing the night away after an awesome dinner buffet (watch out R and J train you may have met your gold star match! ). Vocal chord intonation of the proper pronunciation… “Snorkel!!!” to sun shower power. We cruised a final time round these island that are oh so divine.

P1010061 From Jost Van Dyke to Sandy Cay then it was on to Marina Cay and a P51 mustang display. Virgin Gorda and the Baths to Tortola where the emeralds and diamonds cost a whole latta mola. Cinnamon Bay and then on to Cruz Bay where we had to alas call it a day.

Now at rest under sunny skies and light trades back where it all began. TEAM AUDAX has been reunitedP4180161 (welcome back Jordi) and with our spiritual advisor Dagny back aboard the vibes are good. Thus is life. Love it, live it…learn as you go and try to always go with the flow. A really wonderful last cruise with AmandalieP4200208 (that’s Amanda and Natalie, my friends from childhood past….interesting how we did not speak for many moons yet once a boat and the Caribbean got involved…hmmmmmm :) ) A super duo, power packed, one two combo that kept Stevey and I’s morale high. A heartfelt thank you from us both.

Chatham High Represent!, really you shouldn’t work so hard, chocolate cake… shake and bake!, wait where are we again???, Team Audax male ass replacement, returning from a hard day of SNORK, mystery lady…nice HAT!, photo album of it all!

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Where to now…

April 17th, 2008 · 3 Comments

IMG_0640 1235 Right now I am filled with great gratitude and joy. Being blessed to breath… to have so much positive vibrational energy and love in my life…to share this journey with so many, both in person and through this journal of adventure (Note: If you haven’t checked out Stevey’s Blog as of late please do so by clicking here, he is funnier than me :) )

P1010053 I sit at Lattes in Paradise, Red Hook, St. Thomas. A goto of ours for provisions and regrouping – coffee, internet, laundry, groceries, showers, an airport, etc as we prepare one final time to embark upon what has become the standard cruise of the islands and we pray for safe travels once again. Each trip has truly taken on an incredible life of its own and that can only be a direct result of the wonderful relationships and connections we share because at the end of the day what else do you have although a warm shower, stationary bed and pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream surely can not hurt!!!

IMG_0619 As I scrubbed barnacles off the bottomside this AM I found myself nervously excited about what lies ahead. A change in dynamics as Stevey leaves and 2 wonderful and able crew members arrive – one for each of his shoes, a few new islands to explore and then a trip of 1500+ miles into the mighty Atlantic. NewIMG_0624 experiences always, thanks for reading. We are truly grateful.

PS: The photo of me that I just asked a nice man sitting next to me to take (Hayden) turned out to be a professional photographer who is on a cruise just like ours. Thus I got a lesson in how my camera works (apologies for the many darker pictures throughout the trip, no mas!!! and here also is a link to his blog for those intereseted .

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Respond don’t React..

April 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

P1010008 0624 Bring on the rain!! Is that lightening?? What the……??? Where are we again? Is it monsoon season? Team Audax aka 5 soggy sailing souls motored, sailed and cruised through uncharted Audax territory yesterday and we loved it! Leaving Cane Garden Bay we trekked around the north side of Tortola, cruising past superstar Andy’s surf site of Josiah’s Bay. Then captain Matt with navigator Rosie narrowly avoided reef rocks off Beef Island and we crossed theIMG_0553 Sir Frances Drake Channel landing safe and sound in Spanish Town for a quick provision stop and purchase of replacement dingy tank (as the day prior saw thievery strike the Audax.) NOTE: When leaving a dock be sure to check for all belongings as half way out to your boat P1010034 you will run out of GAS when a tank is not aboard!!! Luckily favorable winds and friendly locals came to our rescue and we thanked God it was not the motor instead! From Spanish town we hit the Baths, from the Baths we cruised to Peter, at Peter we enjoyed CHILI DOGS!!

A Lesson: Situations one has no control over inevitably arise (theft, rain, etc.) Mostly we just react without necessarily thinking too much about it. Is it not better to hold off judgment, gain perspective, accept that whatever has happened is already in the past and thus respond in the most appropriate manner given the situation at hand?

It sure is a rough life for our guests :) , are those stairs or the picture crooked???, its Hooters all over again!,  Yes, once again another big photo album with mystery cover shot??


Click here new species entry from Sandy Cay.

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Going with the flow….

April 12th, 2008 · 3 Comments

P1010006 0608 Why fight the river of life? Just go downstream unless that is you have to get up the Sir Frances Drake Channel!!! Don’t resist…end your suffering and simply go with the flow. This is life on board the Audax with Dagny St. John – intuitive, energy healer, spiritual teacher (and also mother of Jordi.) Needless to sayP1010001 the vibe is good right now. From windsurfing and coconut cookies at tea time on Peter Island to crawling around the bilge looking for leaks and attempting to scrub green slime off the Audax’s bottom side whilst nurse sharks watched (the scrubbing was short lived) at Cinnamon Bay. We are loving it… all life, all the time, all good. Eliminate worries over the past, stop anticipating the future and be here, right now, holy cow.

As Stevey and I trekked down from Peter Island 2 days ago we knew God was with us as the colors and vividness of the setting sun were truly phenomenal. Here it is in the best attempt to capture a moment on digital paper.

With a new set of salty landlubbers from Maine slated for arrival this afternoon – one an avid fisherman – dreams of fresh sushi waft through the Audax as she begins to refit, regroup and rest to ready herself for the rolly, righteous, role ahead.

The species entry from Peter Island (click here)

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Really Nice….In the Moment

April 11th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Sea Grapes Peter Joel Peters, resident horticulturist of Peter Island Resort began the third day of our visit describingP1010221 more than 40 varieties of flowers, shrubs, trees etc at this really nice location.

Team Audax, sans Jordi, continued to serve its guests with grace. Needless to say proud parents visiting a child on his birthday after his siblings had so enjoyed the environs made P4090113for much anticipation. A prior visit to the Virgins twenty plus years ago had seemed to have been enough to last a lifetime. Fortunately, the tides of time changed and we had the opportunity to experience the Virgins differently this go round.

The senses were indulged. Visually the vistas and beauty of water, boats, birds, plants, fish (including sting rays and sharks), sky and sun was inspiring. Touch, smell, taste and P4090172sound were equally engaged with a joyful mix.

We covered a good bit of ground and water. The love of family and friends continues to be the glue thatP1010219 keeps it all together. Thus these two visitors, now in person and not vicariously through the blogs, are thankful for having been enriched and continue to wish Team Audax safe journey.

A whole new meaning to box lunch, finding the treasure to pay for Peter Island, DINNER, , now look whos talking, LARGE album of it all

P1010217P4090152P4090155 P4090149

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This is what I am talking about!!!!!

April 9th, 2008 · 3 Comments

P4090098 0651 – Ahhhhh…..lets see…where to begin. I am writing from poolside on Peter Island looking over at Tortola sipping on fresh coffee from the seat seen in the photo here. The same Peter Island we know andP4070015 love yet something feels different??? Oh yes… thats it…. we are official guests!!! No going through the back door this time around…front door service only please :) . Thanks to the kind and overwhelming generosity of mama and papa Herrigel – Stevey and I are living the good life and appreciating every moment of it as we recognize ritz and money can’t buy you happiness, but they sure can help in the acquisition of Gold stars :) .

P4080041From the pick up at Red Hook Monday to a Cinnamon Bay overnight complete with cocktail hour, fresh bread and delicious fishP4080053. Some pounding up the Sir Frances Drake Channel and through the standard customs rigamorole in Tortola. A quick gallery shop (my mom is an artist -check out her site at followed by a wonderful sail across the channel with Jillian at the helm sailing the Audax in a mostP4070025 brilliant fashion (it was her first time ever!!). Successfully docking at the marina, (no anchor/no dingy/no hassel)…break.

Beach time for Stevey, painting for mom, my first ever sail on a Hobie Cat (WOW, the speedP4080076 was incredible) and the winner of the afternoon…. Rodgy P4080082who managed to bike his way over the top of the island and back under the hot Caribbean sun!! Finishing the day with G and T’s on my parents deck prior to Peppered Tuna Steak at the Tradewinds. Yes we are blessed and so lucky to have such wonderful relations to share.

Kisses to all….

Yes that is mom and dad sleeping aboard the Audax!!, cocktail hour! and the first photo album of it all

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A latta regatta

April 7th, 2008 · 2 Comments

1037 - 3 days of racing at the BVI regatta…check! 1st place.. you know it!!! :) With fine company, heavy winds, deliciousDSC01768DSC01760 spirits and some incredibly exciting racing now under the belt this tired and war weary soldier of sailing is happy to rest his weary head back aboard the mighty Audax.

The crew: Tony – captain extroidinare from Antigua. Mike – his compadre hailing from the Isle of Man  (an island nation that he claims does exist between England and Scotland????) Manueala (Man-well-a)and JohanesDSC01761 (Yo-han-es)- a lovely couple from Germany now living in Antigua whom bring sail bumming to a whole DSC01765new level! Angela – bow women excellente and a fellow American from Florida. Ricky -a splendid English chap from Manchester living in Tortola who has never sailed before and was kind enough to share his tent and let me cuddle for the 2 nights spent on land. Sarah- a 17 year old who is cruising around the world with her family, take a look at and Nikki -14 year old world class Opti racer who is a born and bread native of St. Thomas.


The boat: The awesome Augustine from Antigua. A Beneteau First 40 -1981 vintage… muy manufique!DSC01758

The conditions: WINDY, GUSTY, INTENSE. 25-30 knots, 4-8 foot swells, reefed main and #3 jib

The courses: 4 races: 1 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday.



The competition: Racing in the performance B division with 8 other boats. The primary competitors being an X-boat named Xpresso and 2 J-40’s

The results: 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd (We did officially cross the line 1stall 4 times but got 2nd due to boat handicapping) Not to shabby overall!DSC01768

My duties: GRIND, GRIND and GRIND some more. Winching until I could not winch no more.

A sore back, christ we have to do another tack.
Sprayed without fail, salt caked face to no avail.
Not always an easy feat, simply being “rail meat”
It all was all so neat and now I am so beat.
We won the fleet and that was super sweet!!

BREAKING NEWS: WE HAVE OUR CREW FOR THE RETURN TO BERMUDA. Full briefing and the release of bios to follow. A heartfelt and sincere thank you to all the incredible support and offers to help. We had some very tough desicions to make.

Check it out: Saying goodbye to fellow mate Jordi as he helps aid in the delivery of the S/V Area up the coast of America you can follow his position by clicking on the link below.

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“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

April 3rd, 2008 · 2 Comments

P10106570850 –Having just been served a 3rd syrup coated pancake in bed via Pancake Man (aka Stevey) whilst surfing the internet in my boxers in the V berth – rolly anchorage aside….this life rocks! A chill morning as tunes play lightly in the background and the 3 of us simply enjoy…THIS!

1234 And it blows, blows and sure does not appear to be stopping. A fine week for racing- sort off!! asP1010573 the swells have steadily risen and the winds continue to howl at 20-25 knots with no end in site. Alas aP1010631 bit too much for the mighty but perhaps growing a bit tired Audax and the Virgin Gorda field trip had to be postponed. Yet now the real regatta begins from Nanny Cay…where they say “it is time to play” and I shall show my face to ultimately find a boat to race. Today we provision, boat clean, hit a tennis ball, do laundry and internet away …standard operating procedures :)

Recent entry from the species journal.
Wednesday -
A casual stroll through the streets of Tortola – armed with identification books , guide books, a bologna/salami sandwich and red apple. First stop: The local baseball field for photo of this unknown but pretty cool white bird that despite its looks of non-avian ability, can really fly high in the sky. After rechecking species in the books I have pretty much narrowed down these two doves to either the Zenaida or Mourning variety.

unknown specieis Tortola Zenaida-Mourning Dove  Tortola

Trekking further down the road I noticed a large number of what I believe to be Pearly Eyed Thrashers. You be the judge

Pearly Eyed Thrasher Tortola

Floral budding abounds today as 2 new plant species that were just kicking it on the side of the road.
Thunbergia (Acanthaceae; Thunbergia; grandiflora) also known as Bengal Trumpet or Sky Flower and originally from India, vine like in nature, beautiful pastel like color.

Thunbergia 1 Tortola Thundbergia Tortola

Oleander (Apocynnaceae; Nerium oleander) – poisonous and known to cause death if cooked and ingested, sure is pretty though. Originating from the Mediterranean a shrub that can grow to heights of 25 feet.

Oleander TortolaOleander 1 Tortala

A little freaking bird that took me a long time to capture a photo the other day off by Village Cay. Believed to be a variety of Warbler or perhaps a Bananaquit.

Bananaquit or Warbler Tortola

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