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Welcome to our site, intended to delight!

February 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment

2028 – From Maine, not the Caribbean :)
I am not sure what prompted me to write tonight, perhaps feeling a bit homesick for our dear old Audax, perhaps the winter weather and lack of Vitamin D!  Life is so precious… the important parts are sharing your experiences with the ones you love, humans, dogs, living beings, nature. inside job that can radiate outwards and spread like a viral contagion.   Here is a simple navigation to the many segments of our trip, I hope it spreads joy…inspires one to seize the day and follow their dreams.  Live in the moment…love what you do!  Be sure as always to check out Stevie’s sister site as well here for a parallel journey

The Preparations this ain’t your ordinary pleasure cruise

Cruising down the US Coastline

The Islands MON!


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Save the Audax – Mission Life. Please contact us if you can help resurrect the Audax

November 11th, 2008 · 6 Comments

We are looking to find an individual, group of individuals or  a network production studio to create an Extreme Boat Makeover show.

Anxious to head South once again.. our wonderful and dearest friend Audax decided it was time to let go.
Perhaps a bit overzealous and forgetting to secure an able helmsman.
She chose a course and with it her fate.
Our fine lady always a women of style took her own life Sunday.
Breaking Free… she courageously crushed onto the granite ground of Fish House Cove, West Point. Maine.
But what a year!
So if you choose to shed a tear, just remember how she spread oh so much cheer.

Serving as home for 6 months, 2 twenty something’s and a 30 something had a mission: Sail a boat from Maine to the Caribbean and back.   Leaving far too late and under the falling snow they set out November 19th from Freeport, ME.  Journeying quickly down the east coast to Florida, crossing the gulf stream and steaming full force into the mighty trade winds  on a 1000 miles journey through the Bahamas, Turks/Caicos and Puerto Rico to make landfall….St. John in the USVI’s late February.

2 months , 30 plus visitors and this many margaritas later she set a course due North.  Blue water sailing via Bermuda she returned to Maine. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

A summer of day cruises galore…one late October day the winds wailed, the waves swelled and she broke free.

An insurance claim denied, the memories engrained the emotions welling.

Thank you all…for Everything

Byroneeeee, Stevie aka Papa Stevie, Capt Jordi aka Jord Boy, John Boy aka Jerky Lips


Jim, Amanda, Phil, Bruce, Sverre, Chris, Rodger, Jillian, Bryn, Scot, Dagny, Cory, Stacey, Dorothy, Bill,  Scott, Gordon, Johanna, Jonas and Family, Kate, Erin, Chelsi, Suzette, Josh, Ethan, Bob, David, Matt, Rosie, Andrew, Lisa, Natalie, Amanda, Nathaniel, Ben, Kate, Steve, Evan, Palo Mariah, Whitter, Jenn, Ben, Peggy, Malcolm, Tiffany, Sam, Oliver, Eli, Nina, Charlotte, Camilla, Sarah, Yuri, Will, Karin, TC, Nicole, Clint, Jackie, Emma, Tim, Isaiah, Pat, Hank, Martha, Mitchell, John, Ryan, Keith, Amanda, Nicole, Andrew, Virginia, Toad, Gueniveve, Bozi, Keira, Drew, Vanessa, Shannon, MITA, to all people I forgot to add to this list (sorry!) Mr. Heater, Auto and god bless him…Dodgy

PS: There is a support group set up on Facebook set up by Bibo aka Bob aka man who writes Hakus.  Check it out if the link works I hope: support group or just log in and find it HOLLER!

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June 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Tuesday 0750 – Bath, Maine - Welcome to our site. The home of Jordi, Steve, Byron, John and a multitude of others who shared our 6 month tour of the Caribbean.

Please take a look around, the photo gallery has quite an extensive selection and by clicking on the categories to the left one can enjoy the many adventures we took. Stevey’s blog Southbound Saint has an equal amount of complementing material as well, he even got one of his postings published in a local periodical!!

Where to now… with the site, with life??

The moment is all we have and it rolls ever forward.
Live it, love it, learn from it, share it…

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On life’s vast ocean diversely we sail, Reason the card, but passion is the gale” – Alexander Pope

March 18th, 2008 · 4 Comments

P1000216 0656 – “Carpe Diem and stop worrying, dwelling, projecting. Live right now, live for today, relax and rock and roll. Sticking to ones guns, being, listening, not judging and compassion/helping out others, making others feel good whilst ensuring you are happy with it all. Comfort, confidence and create.” A brief glimpse into my inner world as islandP1000199 time and its lifestyle sets in and the continual quest for balance in life continues. The last two days with Bryn and Ethan aboard have been incredibly relaxing after incredibly high energy go go go time of the past 2 weeks. Team B & E have settled right into our routines…cooking us meals (Bryn baked her first loaf of bread!)…closing hatches and turning the anchor light on without being asked to…. even raising and P1000235 lowering the anchor all on their own. What fun we have had and as Bryn’s goal of snorkel till one drops continues to lead us to the best underwater sites to date (Dead Chest & Trunk Bay) I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful family and close friends around (brother Scot arrives this afternoon bringing all the Herrigel siblingsP1000243 together under one deck for the next two night, watch out :) ) From Peter to Norman and now at Road Town….. where do we go from here? A weather forecast predicting 15 foot swells by tomorrow and the hopes to make it to Virgin Gorda for the first time… Keep Learning, Keep Listening, Keep Loving… A sincere thank you with love to everyone who might find their eyes reading this adventure.

Finally some new island reports (Norman, Peter, Jost), is that connect 4!!! and newest photo album of Cruise #3
Peter NormanJostP1000229

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Erin on Cinnamon Bay!

March 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment

S4300402We were having so much fun I forgot to do my guest post! So here is a mini one.
St. John holds a special place in my heart so I was excited to say the least when John surprised me with a stay at Cinnamon Bay Campground. We had an enjoyable and interesting time camping, something he told me after the fact he does not thoroughly enjoy, still it was great to have our own space and be 2 minutes from the beach!
Amazing! – is all I can say about cruising the BVI, it was great to be with everyone in such a beautiful place experiencing for a few days what these lucky guys get to do for the next three months!

Thanks guys for the awesome time, I’m back in Maine missing you all!

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San Juan

February 14th, 2008 · 4 Comments

What an amazing city this is. After having spent 3 full days here, the first 2 of which, we didn’t even know we were supposed to bump our clocks ahead one hour, (shows how important time is) I can now say, I’m a fan of Puerto Rico! When I was little my parents would take Sverre and I, along with about 10 high school students here to Puerto Rico to bike around the island. The last trip we did here was in the early 1990′s, and although I was young and we never spent much time in San Juan, I still remember it being hot, and having lots of beautiful beaches. The same holds true to this day!

Today activities consisited of John and I going to play tennis, which after I think about an hour we were both ready to pass out from good old heat exhaustion! So instead of going and sitting in the shade and drinking water, John ran to one shop in order to get oil and filters and I ran to another to get new alternator belts. No wonder we don’t know that we entered a new time zone upon arrival in Puerto Rico! Meanwhile Steve checked out the beaches and Hilton Resort.

So far I have managed to get down to Old San Juan with it’s narrow cobblestone streets, old stone forts, interesting little shops, and while I was there, 3 large cruise ships with tons of touristas. I also made it to the downtown city area which, is acutally cleaner then you might think, and lasltly to an area with great waves and some beaches. The rest of the time here we have been cleaning, getting different parts for the boat, and just relaxing a bit while we wait for some good weather to go the 80 miles to St. John and the BVI. Hard to beleive this part of the journey is coming to an end, but we are certainly looking forward to the next adventure and being based out of the USVI and BVI! Hope this finds everyone doing well and staying warm, for those of you up north.

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January 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment

We’re there man! Although it really didn’t get nippy going through the pass, it was actually really warm, sunny and crystal clear water all from Nassau to Allen Cay. At times throughout the trip John was out on the bow looking out for coral heads that rear up from the 15 foot bottom!  That’s right we sailed across Exuma Bank where you can see the bottom the whole time, and at most there is 20 feet of water, which to the eye, looks to be right under the keel. Talk about a serious rush that was quickly followed up by many small deserted islands with Iguanas bathing themselves in the sun, and beached white sand! Needless to say upon arrival Team Audax was all in the water swimming around and exploring.

After a delicious gin and tonic and dinner we are all spent but ready for more of the same to come. This next stretch along the Exumas is going to be short sailing days, lots of exploring, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving! Not bad for a bunch of guys who during any other winter would be in Maine! (Which, by the way we have all decided we miss a lot, just not enough to head back just yet!)

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God Bless …

December 17th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Today our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve as he says goodbyes to Rico, his loving cat back in Maine who shall pass on to a better place. Life is precious. Don’t take for granted the chances you have to say how you feel to the people you love. Cherish and be thankful for the relationships you have.  Lots of love to all from Team Audax.

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Back for more

November 29th, 2007 · 3 Comments

After less then 24 hours in Cape May, NJ were on about to get on Audax and do the 160 Nautical Mile push to Norfolk, VA and mile zero of the Intra Coastal Waterway, which will be our home for almost a month as we meander through the southern states. As I am sure you have read John cooked an amazing blue fish dinner after a good size provisioning at the local Acme Supermarket. That was a new chain store name to me!

This morning with John’s guidance since I am a bit computer retarded I was able to put some more photos up from my new camera which has been used by all. Hope you guys are enjoying them. We are off to do some more charting and then hitting the open seas.

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