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Caicos Passage…be sure to bring your Dramamine!

February 6th, 2008 · 7 Comments

1947 – Tonight it is all about peaceful serenity as the Audax rests safely at anchor in Cockburn Harbor off South Caicos P1010017Island. Now lets rewind 24 hours… we are steaming across Caicos Bank, darkness is setting in and the coral heads have just started to sprout up. (Note: The guide books say 2 things about crossing the Caicos Banks: Get into your anchorage prior to dark and don’t anchor on the banks…. well frick!!!! ) Thankfully Stevey did not lose his hand and we learned that it can be very difficult to anchor in the dark with large swells and heavy winds.P1010009 God was surely watching over us!!

So here we are awaiting the telling weather forecast tomorrow at 0630 as to when our departure to Puerto Rico shall be whilst accomplishing great things in the meantime – reviving “Otto”, discovering our fuel tank leak (pin hole in the top of the tank, got any gum?) and purchasing homemade block ice from a nice little lady’s residential abode.

Oh….and by the way… the Audax has fleas!!!! Sweet!

caicos bank passage 1355 – Zig zagging aka tacking (sort of like a beat upwind in a race sans other boats!) across Caicos Bank under sunny skies and relentless trades as the motor and main propel us forward. A 0200 departure through the dicey reef inlet from Turtle Cove. Fun times with laundry (see 3 photo montage below) and its back to life at sea, a new watch schedule, our teammate “otto” aka the auto pilot on the fritz aka broken, multiple rips in Mr. Dodger and smelly water coming out of our faucets! Awesome!!!!!


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Bon Voyage

February 4th, 2008 · 8 Comments

P1010007 1421 On the beach looking for buried treasure (thanks bro!)…dark storm clouds approaching…one droplet, two droplets, a lot of droplets… sugar!!!! Hatches open + Heavens open = WET BOAT! A fishing journey withP1010006 no pictures because we not catch any fish although I did manage to get a glimpse of a Humpback whale in full breach of the oceans surface, wow!! AP1010001 gamble with Video Blackjack….don’t try it!!! Zinc propeller attachment without scuba equipment…not generally recommended! Starting to learn Spanish -15 minutes a day over 12 weeks = fluency. “Me llamo Juan, no soy Espanol!” (translation: My name is John, I am not Spanish!). Watching the Patriots last night at Shark Bite…enough said!!

So alas our time in Provo quickly comes to an end as the forecast is for a lightening of the trade’s this Thursday through Saturday meaning team Audax shall weigh anchor and “bust this joint” tomorrow in the early AM to make landfallP1010004Route to Puerto Rico at Grand Turks Island two days from now. From there it’s 300 nm directly into wind and wave… destination Puerto Rico!! (see photo of route plan). If it gets too rough the backup plan is head south and make landfall somewhere along the Dominican Republic’s coast. Thus at an average blistering speed of 4-5 knots its a nice 60-70 hour bumpy, motor driven passage to look forward to. Gotta love it all!

With prayers to the higher power, (thank Godness I purchased the Bible – childrens version :) ) here in Provo, extreme focus on the task at hand and with a cermonial splash of gin to Neptune we go forth courageously but not foolishly. Maybe some communication to be had from Grand Turk else it’s a week…. so don’t worry Mom. :) Kisses to all.

Our newest high class internet joint, Go Team Patriots (most of us but I won’t say who rooted for the team from NYC!!) and a snorkeling adventure pictorial
P1010001-1 P1010003

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Joyful Joy…

February 2nd, 2008 · 4 Comments

P1010027 1649 – “powerful cleansing, ultra concentrated.” A thoroughly refreshing rinse in the big pond after a most productive trash cleanse netting one more bag for the good guys. FOUND: Our fishing rod holder… (another casualty of boat cleansing day!) With the teak rail beading water and the bilge water level no longer rising I am filled with joy relishing in the silence of life aboard the Audax whilst reflecting upon how lucky the threeP1010025 of us truly our. A reading from my Daily Reflections Book:
“Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.” Ephesian” 3:18-19

Late day Thursday update:P1010023
2044 The leaks fixed!! One tube of “Seal it”, 3 rolls of paper towels and a sliced finger to boot…. “hold baby, please hold, we love our Audax and don’t want her to sink!!” Goat meat….chewy but surprisingly tasty and now available at your nearest island shopping center.

Jordi/John underwater extravaganza, yes that is a shark. The patch job!
dive turks shark and friendsP1010024

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Team Audax Family Fun Day!

January 31st, 2008 · 3 Comments

P1000812 0814 – Take a look at those baby’s!!!! Old school and single gear…watch out!!! For our last day together(temporarily) as an annual family meeting coupled with a job interview hasP1000807 Jordi flying high in the sky en-route to the USA (I really just saw his plane fly over me, safe travels JORDI!!) We rented bikes, put packs on our back and with maps in our pocket it was go go go. A somewhat circuitous route and 2 hours later we located it….“the hole!!” 80 feet wide, 40 feet deep…”well it sure is a nice hole! Ok…you guys hungry…

SUSHI!!!!! So nice, so tasty…“supersize itP1010018 please” as we enjoyed hearty meals at the expense of a creature that continues to allude the hot dog baited lures of the Audax. Finishing the day with a sweet late in the day surprise invite aboard the Rum Runner for a bountiful feast that included cooked fish of the variety they call Wahoo, corn, asparagus and squash capped off another great day here on the island of Providenciales. (Day 7 already!!!)

P1010011 Wednesday Lesson of the day: Do not take shells from the bottom of the ocean in a national park.
Returning to the anchored vessel off a coral reef (shark included!) Jordi, Bill and myself were met by the P1010012TCIG Coast Guard, were boarded and then searched. With no illegal contraband to be found we motored safe and sound back home. Fast forward 1 hour: “God Damn Mother F%#)#…. go to your flipping home!!!” as I make continued efforts to re-secure an electrical grounding wire to its bolt in the bilge whilst Jordi and Steve sit silently munching on peanuts and pretzels. Ahhhh… life at sea!

Question to all: How do you peel a mango???

The slave labor spoken of in prior entry, family fun day photo album, our communications headquarters and the dancing duos from last night.

P1010010 P1010021

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Here I am…there you are…the wonderful world of digital!

January 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

1900 –Well I can certainly see how the days turn into weeks, turn into months, then into years, all of a sudden a lifetime!!! 4 days here with the furthest trek coming yesterday as we hoofed and huffed towards the calling from HP (Higher Power) into the halls of the Jericho Baptist church. Preceding to attended the BEST, the MOST uplifting SERMON I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in a house of God, (with not even one glance at my Timex for the entire 2.5 hour service that ensued, HOLY COW!!!! ) Team Audax was truly blessed as the message delivered in such an incredible, enthusiastic way was a verbatim reinforcement of everything we have been reading, discussing and attempting to grapple with thus far in our spiritual journeys!! Being in the moment, reducing anxiety and finding true happiness and comfort. The pastors ability to connect, to teach, to convey…Why worry about the future or the past when we all have more than enough to worry about today.

breakfast on Rumrunner Today on Audax: We started with the routine weather ceremony that segwayed nicely into Jordi’s kind commitment to help Bill and Dorothy (Rum Runner compadres) change their underwater zincs. A hearty egg and pancake breakfast followed (luckily John happened to be in the right place at the right time :) ). With bellies full we moved full force onto RUST and TEAK PRESERVATION slave labor rituals (Steve already 2 hours deep ) aboard our home. 3 lost cotter pins and one lost lifeline later she sparkled!!

A 2nd attempt at tennis (perhaps the chain lock on the court should have been signP1010007 enough the first go around), a hair cut for Stevey, route research by Jordi, a late afternoon run by myself to the Environmental Center, (if one can’t find the specimens in the real world this photo should suffice!!!), some grilled hot dogs and spectacular mashed potatoes, internet time, bunk rotation….break!

Thanks for reading as alway, a proper photo of the M/V Rum Runner and the beginnings of the photo album of Provo.
rumrunner on the hook mayaguana cay jan 2008

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A day in the life….

January 27th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Saturday – 1816 (Disclaimer: All names used are the the real ones)
A day in the life……
1700 In the never ending search for internet connections we stumble aboard the M/V Rum Runner, (Motor/Vessel) andP1010092 enjoy a fitting rum on the rocks coupled with cheese and crackers whilst listening to tales told of the high seas by our storytellers and hosts Dorothy and Bill from NC. A welcome re-taste of Southern hospitality!!

1900 – Catching the end of happy hour at “Shark Bite,” we manage to secure ourselves rides to the Full Moon Party at “Horse Eyed Jacks,” as well as enjoy fine dining (lobster shish kabobs )in the great company of their past manager Jenn whilst we wonder if the man spraying water on the tiki bar roofs will win out over the ever increasing and blowing embers from the bon fire on the beach!
0130 – SLEEP TIME!
0630 – Awake and listen to weather by Chris Parker on the SSBP1000801
0900 – I learn the best cure for a late night out – swim after your dingy that has broken loose and now rests ¼ mile away on the nearby beach!!
1000 – Trekking once again in search of wi fi we look for shelter from the rain, electrical outlets for the computer and ideally a chair or two.
P1000795 1300 – Rendezvous at Tiki Bar with our new friends from the previous night, Mike and Laurie, for an early afternoon cocktail hour to include Coronas and Turks and Caico’s finest microbrew “Turks Head” aboard the Audax that just happens to coincide withP1000803 the testing out of the true waterproofabilty of my camera as it splashes to the murky bottom climbing into dingy!!!
Present Moment – Enjoying the smells of freshly baked bread by Jordi and sautéed meat by Stevey as we prepare to feast.
Only 9 more days of this to go :( ….

Jordi attaching a zinc so that our boat does not corrode and a sunset

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Foolish, Courageous and everything in between…

January 24th, 2008 · 6 Comments

Thursday 1739

The Audax “How to Guide” for turning a 6 hour trip into 24.

The Plan: Leave Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana Island at 3 in the afternoon, steam 2 hours to a temporary anchorage off Southeast Point on Mayaguana island, have a leisurely dinner, go to bed for 3 hours and then leave at midnight for the 35 mile sail to Provo on Providence Island in Turks and Caicos.

The Execution: A 45 minute late departure from Abrahams Bay leads to an after dark arrival at anchorage location. With no moon and uneasiness in the bellies we decide to push onwards for Provo with one problem…. you can’t really arrive until daylight for navigational reasons thus turning our 6 hour sail into a LONG 12 hour excursion.

The Recovery Plan:
Still on schedule, anchor down at Sapodilla Bay 0900, dingy ashore, check in successfully with customs and looking forward to day of recuperation and relaxation.

The Realization:
WE WENT TO THE WRONG FREAKING PLACE!!! The town is 4 miles away, the right harbor is on the other side of the island, its time to backtrack, its time to sail an additional 30 miles.

The Final Chapter:
Typing from tike bar in Provo (the right side!), Heineken in hand, fried treat of some sort just put in front of me, Stevey munching on a red snapper roll, tennis on the tv, island music in the background.

Moral of the story: Do your research and stick to your schedule!!!!

Despite no sleep, no ships stores aka provisions aka food, water, ice…we are here, still alive, still smiling, its Turks and Caicos time baby!!

Our route mishap, Mayguanan photo album, raising the flag play by play
Providencialesi MishapP1000788P1000789P1000790

Below: Journal entries from the sea aka you will need to scroll down the page to get to the new pictures!

1004 –Its island time and we are feeling fine. An advanced anchoring maneuver has us rhythmically bouncing off theP1010080 sparsely inhabited island of Mayaguana. With reading and reflection the primary activities of the day I ask myself the question: How is one’s enjoyment derived? Over a hearty kielbasa pasta dinner last night discussion turned towards our individual egoic drives– to be cool, to be accepted, to be the best. As of late I have been increasingly aware of a nasty habit within myself – the me vs you mentality…an “I’m right and your wrong” thought pattern that helps justify my actions to myself. These habitual unconscious thoughts and justification that make my ego believe “I’m right, I’m the best.” BAD!!!!!!! Being aware is half the battle and as I continue to gain greater self confidence, Purpose for living and work towards unselfishly motivated love towards others and my goals I issue an apologize to all whom I have asserted my egoic mentality in wrong ways upon.

Now thats a tight fit, new marine life, new island report on Mayaguana, Jordi’s new friend (look closely!)


P1010065 1106- And the heavens let forth a grand deluge and He declared free showers for all aboard the Audax!! Torrential downpours, serious swells and zero visibility… motor sailing along at full throttle. To quote myP1010062 brother….”Keep on Rockin in the Free World!” Upon weighing anchor last night we enjoyed the first Birthday celebration for Jordi as we stuffed our bellies full of cake and got the play by play of the Patriots game via VHF channel 16 (the universal emergency broadcasting station!) and we said our goodbye to Rum Cay. Read a play by play on the crossing at South Bound Saint here


John caught in meditation, be patriotic, church once again, a sweet toy to dream about, the Rum Cay pictorial and new island report



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January 22nd, 2008 · 4 Comments

Due to the kind generosity of the local Mayaguana telecommuncations office and a borrowed laptop here is a quick team Audax update. We are resting safe and sound at anchor in Abrahams Bay. 24 hours that included 120 nautical miles of bouncy, wavy, exciting and very WET conditions, phew! Next stop Provo in Turks and Caicos with a full report included. Lots of love, Team Audax.

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