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Isla de Culebra aka the Spanish Virgins!

February 16th, 2008 · 5 Comments

P1010049 1856 – A glorious backdrop for our anchorage tonight off Pta. Miquillo on the north coast of Puerto Rico as we work to regain composure. GoingP1010062 directly into a 20 knot wind coupled with 5- 7 foot swells is generally not our idea of the most fun way to cruise. Add to this a ripped main, a clogged engine (AGAIN!!) and a significantly torn Genoa!!! Yet let us remember we do have our health, we our safe and sound and as Budda says “Because we enjoy all aspect of life as an unfolding of big mind, we do not care for any excessive joy. So we have imperturbable composure.”

P1010081 1931 – We saw them!! Its the US VIRGIN ISLANDS just 15 nm away!! Up for a swim anybody?? AlthoughP1010083 I must confess Culebra and our current resting place could be my new home (see photo albums below). The beauty of friendship, to share this incredible experience…we truly are grateful!
Today we once again hit the trades (big surprise). We motored, we tried to sail, we were forced to change a clogged filter in 5 – 7 foot swells. Thankful for no cats last night and most looking forward to a calm anchorage tonight we rejoice in this moment of our lives! If reading this…. take a moment and reflect on the wondrous amazingness of life!

Albums of the passage to Culebra, Isla de Culebra, farewell to Stevey, route map and if you look closely its St. Thomas!
P1010046san juan to CulebraP1010070

We miss you Stevey, hurry back safely!!

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Este es muy interesante

February 14th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Thursday –
1837 – Ok…. so here is the deal and we are pretty sure it happened because we have the pictures to prove it.

At 0330 last night Jordi awakes and hears a noise. “Meow…meow… meow.” THERE IS A FREAKING CAT ON OUR BOAT!!! “Close the hatches, don’t get clawed, does it bite, maybe its friendly, should we pet it, what time is it again?” Then it jumps into the Ocean but precedes to kitty paddle towards our dingy and climb on board again! What the christ is going on here! Holy freaking moly!!!! Maybe we should give it some tuna fish and water? He or she is neither hungry nor thirsty and most likely extremely shocked. So what do we do? We decide it is time for flash photography definitely ensuring this poor kitty will not easily forget its run in with Team Audax. We discuss the situation and decide to throw it in the dingy (locked in the forward storage bin of course) and bring it ashore calling it a night. Wow!

P1000898P1000895P1000899 P1000900

A posting from yesterday and be sure to read Jordi’s entry on San Juan below this one

P1010039 2118 – 3 bowls of ice cream, 2 cups of soup, 1 piece of chocolate cake, 1 cappuccino….its Sizzlers all you can eat buffet!!!! Quoting Stevey’s post “A sail bums oasis” (read it here) Note: Ths was the 2nd go around of the day! For the calories per dollar one just cant beat it although it is safe to say “good bye six pack, hello belly!”

San Juan really rocks!! The old town is perhaps the neatest place I have seen yet (see photo albumP1010036 below) and the hospitality is excellent, at least from what we can understand of it (It is truly a treat to be in a culture where the English language does not dominate.) Today Jordi and myself tackled the stuffing box whilst Stevey attempted to discern the electrical workings of our outlets and speaker system. An afternoon of searching for misc boat parts – A LOT of filters, more oil, an alternator belt and some fuel stabilizer. Then additional Sizzlers time, then bed!

We love fast food, dust buster attempted repairs and full photo album of San Juan.

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San Juan

February 14th, 2008 · 4 Comments

What an amazing city this is. After having spent 3 full days here, the first 2 of which, we didn’t even know we were supposed to bump our clocks ahead one hour, (shows how important time is) I can now say, I’m a fan of Puerto Rico! When I was little my parents would take Sverre and I, along with about 10 high school students here to Puerto Rico to bike around the island. The last trip we did here was in the early 1990′s, and although I was young and we never spent much time in San Juan, I still remember it being hot, and having lots of beautiful beaches. The same holds true to this day!

Today activities consisited of John and I going to play tennis, which after I think about an hour we were both ready to pass out from good old heat exhaustion! So instead of going and sitting in the shade and drinking water, John ran to one shop in order to get oil and filters and I ran to another to get new alternator belts. No wonder we don’t know that we entered a new time zone upon arrival in Puerto Rico! Meanwhile Steve checked out the beaches and Hilton Resort.

So far I have managed to get down to Old San Juan with it’s narrow cobblestone streets, old stone forts, interesting little shops, and while I was there, 3 large cruise ships with tons of touristas. I also made it to the downtown city area which, is acutally cleaner then you might think, and lasltly to an area with great waves and some beaches. The rest of the time here we have been cleaning, getting different parts for the boat, and just relaxing a bit while we wait for some good weather to go the 80 miles to St. John and the BVI. Hard to beleive this part of the journey is coming to an end, but we are certainly looking forward to the next adventure and being based out of the USVI and BVI! Hope this finds everyone doing well and staying warm, for those of you up north.

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Is there anybody out there…

February 12th, 2008 · 3 Comments

0844 – Wait just one minute….Who is on watch? What is going on? We are not moving? It is so calm!!! Team Audax esta en Puerto Rico!! We did it – 95 hours, 520 nm, a clogged engine, gusting winds and more.

“And in the space of a few short hours, life had been reduced from a highly complex existence, with a thousand petty problems, to one of the barest simplicity, in which only one real task remained – the achievement of the goal”
Endurance Alfred Lansing

Thursday – The Preparations Begin
P1010026 1800 So we “Raided” our mattresses (please no more fleas!!), we selfishly provisioned (12 blow pops, 4 candy bars, 4 sodas, 2 cans of pineapple pieces, 20 sucky candies – that’s my list – you should see Steveys!!!!) and we didP1010029 some last minute boat work and repair…see Jordi high in the sky as he ensures our radar reflector does not fall off. Today we obtained the first official Audax“Weather Reading” ( basically the sailors version of a palm reading ) from ChrisP1010019 Parker the weather god helping us determine just how far we shall choose push the Foolish component of “Courageous to the point thereof….” (See the report here, it looks good!!.) A quick trash operation/exploration of Dove Cay and now we focus, we rest and we prepare for the 500 mile, 100 hour journey to begin tomorrow at 0400. God speed, God bless and keep on rocking in the free world!

Photo of final dinner in Provo, the South Caicos Governor and the photo album of South Caicos/Dove Cay region:
before the sail (3)P1010023

It begins… Awake, aware, awesome! A Team Audax scripture reading from the teachings of John – (the prophet, not me :) ) prior to anchor up: “We have heard, we have seen with our own eyes, we have watched, and we have touched with our hands…He who gives life was shown to us…God is light and in him there is no darkness at all”

The Proposed Route
puerto rico route

Saturday 0500 – Day 1 done!! With our new 3 hours on, 3 hours off watch schedule in full swing the sleep deprivation has been significantly reduced as we motor sail along at speeds close to 7 knots working to “get East” as quickly as possible. A whale’s tail spotted off the starboard beam, a calmer than predicted swell and sea chop and with higher than normal morale Stevey says it best with “This is Fuc#ing Sweet Dude!!”

Squall + Sun = rainbow!!! There was a whale 5 seconds before in this picture!!!


1627 – When it rains it pours!!! Starting with the attempt to hammer our stuffing box tighter (the fitting that connects the rudder post to the boat) in an effort to stop a nagging leak but ultimately making matters twice worse!!! Returning to a pungent smell in the main salon….oh sweet the tool box fell over, cracked the WD-40 bottle resulting in a rapidly spreading oil P1010018slick all over the floor and tools. Returning to the galley to grab some paper towels to clean up the mess we hear spurt…sputter… dead silence, oh that is just the motor deciding to shut down!!! Diagnoses: Sediment from fuel tank (see photo) has clogged our filters. A quick read of Marine Diesel Engines by Nigel Calder and some prayer coupled with a little luck has us back on track although perhaps a bit more cautious.

1825 Ready about…Tacking!!! From the Audax Log “Lets hope this port tack gives us good speed, direction and weather!”

1802 The slow motion phenomenon: When on a boat you pitch this way then that often times with no rhyme or reason (I wish you could see some of the interesting bathroom postures we manage to brace ourselves in!) Your actions slow down, you must methodically think out each step you take, each move you make, every breath you take :)

The wind storm at dinner truism: When it comes time to cook dinner one can be guaranteed the winds shall howl, the boat will heel.

With the motor still working and the winds having backed a bit to the East we make tracks! Another day ofP1010009 sunshine and fair seas. Enjoying some zazen Zen meditation on the aft deck with continued realization and amazement of how the simple act of believing in something is more than half the battle. With conscious attention in the moment a brief pause and reflection: “The urge to learn more, to study, to experience and be, perceiving and living in this incredible body, world, mind, universe. Combining and balancing contemplation w/ compassion; materialism w/ spiritualism. Attention.”

P1010020 0217 Freaking Trades and herein lies the dilemma” We are close hauled to the wind but there is too much wind for our full sail. Option A: Reef in the Genoa but this means sacrificing 10 – 20 degrees of pointing ability; Option B: Motor sail with the main only but this means a 1-2 knots decrease in speed and per the forecast we want be in port by late today else all hell may break lose. We need the wind shift!!!!

Note: A package of Skittles + a Snickers Bar@ 0200 AM = a who hoo!!

0348 “The best part of today was when I sat on the rail, dialed in Beethoven on the IPOD and simply breathed. No preconceived notions, no forced trying, just being in the now, it was awesome!!”

P1000869 - Copy A shout out from Jordi at 0915  Well the winds still haven’t backed around as much as Chris told us they might, but the wind has come up and we have both the main and the genoa reefed and making 6 knots and are able to point towards San Juan albeit right on the wind! Even after 4 days and 3 ½ nights Team Audax’s moral stands tall thanks in large part to the new 3 hours on, 3 hours off, watch schedule. It is amazing how getting good sleep and eating, (for us this means snacking mostly except at dinner, when we take turns cooking) really keeps us all up beat. The weather has also been good to us, as has the course we took, keeping the seas from hitting us head on. After small boat racing and constantly tacking to get up wind it is rather comical to cover 500 nautical miles against the trade winds in just 2 tacks!

P1000843 It seems all 3 of us have our own little ways of getting some alone time or just doing different things to pass the time. We all read, and listen to music, but once Stevie puts his head phones on he is rocking out and you need sign language to get his attention! John seems to find different things on the boat to work on, and I end up doing a combination of everything. So other than the occasional times working below and feeling sea sick, which yes we all get from time to time things are good and the journey continues!

1300 – Engine fuel filter clogged + lack of additional spare fuel filters = no more “Yanny” :( (pet name for our Yanmar Diesel). We are sailors right!! ? 100 nm from the closest land.. pray for the wind shift!!!

1500 – Oh baby!!! The wind shifted and we SPEED forward at 6+ knots in the right direction, “stay on target, stay on target”


0305 – We made it!! Bed time!

A few thank yous in closing: Bill and Dorothy; For everything in Provo – we can’t wait to see you both in Maine! To my sister and brother; for your immeasurable help back home – land lording, mail, bill paying, etc etc. To my parents; For having me! And to friends, loved ones and all who follow this blog and our exploits; You make it that much more special for the 3 of us. Kisses, hugs and pina coladas to all!!

Full Photo Album of the Journey

PS: A shout out to my father aka Rodger HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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