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Live it, love it, share it!

July 9th, 2008 · 3 Comments

P7050217 Wednesday 1730 – Sitting in the Shrimp Shed looking out at the turbulent waters off Cat Cove debating whether or not to go in search of dinner to be found in the 3 lobster traps resting just off the Audax’s moored location. To experience life…. the ever moving and grooving situations, twists and turns. The world is what we make of it and one such measure of the quality of the experience is the relationships one forges, builds, shares and enjoys.

It is all of us together that made the magic happen.
THANK YOU to all for making the Audax Reunion such a smashing success.
The picture album without futher adieu.


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“Oh the places we’ve been”

June 3rd, 2008 · 3 Comments

Whether you get through the final post or not :)
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P1010051 Dr. Seuss”s book was actually titled “Oh the Place You’ll Go” and his characters and pictures may have been a little more interesting and unusual then the ones we have posted over the last six and a half months, but we can now say we have gone to lots of amazing places and met some interesting characters of our own along the way!

Some of the most caring people I met were the wonderful Kerstens family that invited me in for a rather unique Florida Christmas. There really is nothing like being 26 and having Christmas with Christopher, a four year boy who got a very cool remote control car, which I had to test out for him! Then a week later I met the Whites, another family I am sure to keep in touch with and whose boat I helped sail up the east coast. On top of these great people we met tons of friendly and not so friendly locals along the way, all of whom made the different places new and exciting for us.

P1010130 Actually on our last night out at sea John and I started talking about all the places we have been to on this trip. Meanwhile a ball of fire also know as the sun, was gently lowering itself into the ocean directly off our port side, and 3 northern right whales blew water up into the sky then raised their fins to say goodbye to the Audax and our 6 month Caribbean Endeavour!

It is unbelievable to think it was 6 months long, which for us was the perfect amount of time. I think about Phil and Amy who did 3 years traveling around the world and I feel lucky to have had all Phil’s help getting us safely out to sea and home again, but no desirechelsea 123 to spend 3 years out there! Speaking of getting out to sea the number of people that helped prepare Audax is outstanding. My brother Sverre was there for us, Bruce Schwab, and tons of others putting in their time and skills. Also all the people that came down really made this trip the great experience that it was, and somehow we all managed to have a blast with every one of them. Go figure when you have good friends, a sail boat, and the Caribbean Sea. It doesn’t get much better! We even got our parents down there. Well at least my wonderful mom and the Herrigels, which I think we can name Rodgy as Audax’s biggest supporter!

Looking back the thing that really made this trip great for me was Byron, Steve, and John.chelsea 013 Papa Steve is a man I look up to and have great respect for. Even if sometimes I push to get places faster and he likes to chill and relax. There were not many words that came out of Steve’s mouth that I didn’t take to heart and I know I am a better person after having spent so much time with him.

P1010129 Beeroan, as I like to call him is certainly a man of enthusiasm, and ideas! I am impressed at the leap of faith he took contacting some strangers to go sailing, which is something he hadn’t done much of, especially with all the off shore passages!

Lastly of course is Johnboy who I have known since a young age, growing up together throughout the summers. John and I are very similar and half the time we say something to the other, the other is thinking the same thing! For the past 6 months I think the most we were apart on an average day was 2 hours, which is more time then any married couple. All I can say about how much John means to me as a friend is I am lucky he is not a girl or I might be married right now!!!

P1010012 Between all the amazing characters and places along the way I know that this experience can never be duplicated and will certainly never be forgotten. So as this chapter ends (not sure Dr. Seuss books have chapters) I am looking forward to many more exciting ones to come my way, and thanks to everyone for supporting us!
Jordi St. John

“The Sea We Traveled”

P1000987 Back on land, is it grand? Rowing out and boarding the mighty Audax yesterday on a rainy, gray day to ensure she was not sinking (due to the nagging leak!) I went down the hatch and was greeted by the stale, diesel infused, spartan scene. Surreal and a tad sad… the magic of the journey having come to an end….the realization that she is simply a boat. The trip was the relationships, the camaraderie, the dynamic moments of aliveness generated by our actions, the often seamless actions of Jordi, Steve, Byron and myself… the excitement and enthusiasm of our guests…of sharing with fellow cruisers….of interacting with the local communities.

P1010037 As we made our first calls from Buzzards Bay, the final night at sea and through the first hours of landfall in Maine….“emotional ecstasy” I feel best describes our state of mind. Yet momental awareness can so quickly fade into routines…the realization and re immersion into an overwhelmingly materially overloaded situation and society. On sea as on land there are stresses and anxieties…yet as I re-compress I do have a different perspective, a different outlook. Life is more comfortable and more alive as I consciously love it, live it, learn from it and most importantly share it.

To Steve, Jordi and Byron

Byroneee – a chance aligning of the stars to future greatness.
Papa Steve – a cell phone found, spiritual connections abound.
Jord Boy – 20+ years of true awesomeness thus far.
You are my brothers and true companions.
The bond is eternal and everlasting.
Thank you from every part of my mind, body and soul.
I love you guys.

To all family, friends, supporters and readers:

You made this trip what it is.
We love you, please come visit us!!!

To the Audax
Thank you for the safe passages, the safe travels, for being our home.
You rock.

Moving ever forward living out our purpose…
To create joy/to enjoy.
To be happy, to seek wealth and prosperity for self – both ourself and yourself.
The Audax is back home where she shall now roam.
And I hope all who have shared and cared.
Shall come have a toast along this wonderful Maine coast.

Guest Book – Click here – thanks!!

The Best Way to Predict the Future it to Create It
God Bless and Good Day.

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New Jersey and Maine???

December 24th, 2007 · 2 Comments

0908 -No the Audax did not turn around just yet but a quick insertion to New England for team member John. With the holiday spirit in full swing, the spirit of life abounding…the joy of spreading happiness and love. A visit with Jordi’s brother Sverre and girlfriend Jenn in NJ (check in the photo album for the sweet legoP1010141 creation he made! )… the Herrigel/Galton plus Ethan traditional and wonderful annual X-mas Eve or really Xmas Eve Eve celebration. (our first one without any grandparents, god bless all)… a trip back up to Maine in a rented Mini Van -6 bodies + 3 dogs adding old school Bruce Springstein/Crystal Gale music = family fun! Steve on an adventure inP1010158 Miami, Jordi watching the boat whilst dining with Canadian cruisers in Fort Lauderdale.. snow on the ground… Merry wishes to all..

P10101380836 – 30,000 feet in the air….say what… the Audax’s “go go gadget” button really works? Greetings from Continental flight 239.. a bittersweet goodbye to my 38 foot home for a 60 hour journey to New Jersey, then Maine and back just in time for midnight Christmas in Miami (if the flight scheduled to arrive at 0006 fly’s fast!) A super dooper thank you to JordiP1010140 and Steve for manning the vessel and keeping the extended watch during this leave of absence. A beautiful sight to see last night… the Audax lit up with lights and smelling of holiday cheer thanks to the 4 Maine pine cones and kind, caring generosity of our newest member to Team Audax, Scott Michaels, aka Santa Clause who came bearing presents, decorations and an aura of positive energy. Outfitting yesterday at the famous Blue Water bookP1000500P1000501 store – 5 chart booklets and 2 cruising guides; a productive work day that included fixing “Otto”, steering cable readjustment and FINALLY taking off the hailing port of Edmonton to be replaced soon by “West Point, Maine!” The day capped off by a run down the beach, dinner on board Audax and Christmas hugs. A 0400 wake up call and dingy ride ashore laden with winter weather returns with excitement to see loved ones….

Christmas Photo Album

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“Courageous to the Point of Foolishness”

November 26th, 2007 · 2 Comments

P1010167 1143 Steaming down the NJ shore, beautiful sunny skies, moderate temps and calm seas. The skyline dottedDSC01458 with literally 100′s of pleasure fishing vessels, ( I just cast our first line, only to have it lost to the deep sea moments later, stick to sailing John!!) A most pleasant nights slumber in the big apple last night, the entertaining of our first guests (Steve, Evan, Kirsten, Angela and Kate), Vietnamese dining, and a quick trip this AM P1010160 across the Hudson to grab Jordi’s camera from Palo, yet another support member of Team Audax…thank you!


0017 Cool night breezes right on the nose force us to motor down the coast of NJ, the lights of Atlantic city off our Starboard bow, shall we bet the “kitty” on black jack? Staying in close to shore has resulted in numerous tidal currents against rather than for impeding our forward progress.

1753 Writing from the business center at Trump Marina Casino… some hours after the previous entry as the swells continued to build, the wind to howl and with storm clouds on the horizon we made the decision to steam in. Being told by many of the severity and danger of inlets, (Atlantic City being one) we are all thankful to be safe, sound and in one piece after some dicey situations. For such an amazingly calm, enjoyable steam down the Jersey Shore ( MITA would surely be out of job here) one must always truly respect the ocean. A foggy, dismal day “holed up” as they say for the short term future. Team Audax rests, recoops, reevaluates and prepares for her next “jump off” and weather window… Cape May, Ocean City, Delaware River, Cheasapeak Bay???

To finish on a most excellent note and extremely fitting given our last leg:
The title of this entry “courageous to the point of foolishness“is a rough translation for the latin derived term AUDAX. (thank you Jimmy!!!)

Thanks for continuing to read about our exploits

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New York – WE MADE IT!

November 24th, 2007 · 2 Comments

P1010139 1122 – Hauling down Fisher Island sound into Long Island sound, current against us, winds 20P1010138 plus and gusting, oh baby. Tightened main halyard, Jordi was sprayed, Steve keeping a strong course, blustery and seasonal weather, white caps, sofa cushions flying, ETA for NYC currently set for 8 AM tomorrow.

1636 – Watching the first sunset from the vessel…sweet!! Time to get dressed, aka put on 10 plus layers and wear ski goggles to prepare for what promises to be a chilly evening at sea. A quick team vote an hour ago confirmed 3 new members of team Audax Mr. Heater, “Auto”, and Dodger!

3 New Team Members


0046 – Just finished up my 2 hour helm shift slicing a course down Long Island Sound through flukey, gusty and most definitely fun wind patterns! For the first time it felt like I was sailing the boat, adjusting course for lifts and headers, trimming the sails, boat accelerating and decelerating. With both sails furled we continue to steam ahead at times close to 6.5 knots with the lights of NYC fast approaching. Hooked up the digital thermometer, 33.3 outside, 52.0 inside, snug asP1010118 3 bugs in a boat.

Some philosophical questions I have been asking myself as of late: What is the reason for this journey? The purpose of life? What is time? A society that is so focused on maximizing it only to squeeze more things out of it? (Answers in the comment section always welcome!) Ok…time to go make some tea for Jordi at the wheel and myself here at the nav station as Steve sleeps soundly working our 3 man rotation schedule – 2 hours on, 4 hours off.

1636 TIME TO GET GOING!! So after a tentative plan that leaned toward staying in the tri state area for a couple of days due to weather, a recent update and group decision has resulted in the following course of action.. go go go. The weatherP1010120 window is sort of there (Sweet weather link for all interested) so what this means is shoot the Jersey Coast tomorrow, mom don’t worry, I will be wearing a life jacket and harness. The winds and wave report call for light breeze and swell out of the southwest prior to increasing on Monday afternoon. It’s 125 NM and at an P1010131 average speed of 5 knots we should be to Cape May by daybreak Monday. Time to go for the gusto.

A spectacular day here in NYC, read about it and get the best pictures at Steve’s site as time and tide wait for no man, preparations need to be done, courses charted and friends to say hello to! See you all on the flip side…

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 22nd, 2007 · No Comments

P1010086 Thursday – Mystic, CT
2018 Currently checking weather and blogging from the Holiday Inn in Mystic, CT after a most wonderful holiday dinner! Thank you Karin!!!! A work day for Team Audax with assorted tasks to include jib furl block replacement, SSB radio halyard attachment, seeP1010078 me high in the sky :) , cup holder installation with Jordi, dinghy engine mount, too bad our water cooling system did not work today for our much anticipated first buzz around town… you kind of get used to things not working on this sort of trip though, flag pole installation, more continued work on the “Shlong” (see below) and thus all in all a relaxing, productive, restful day that started with a sweet 6 mile run around the Mystic River.

So where does this leave us now…off to NYC tomorrow, cruising down Long Island Sound, through Hell’s Gate (nasty tides), down the East River and up to North Cove Marina in the financial district, (high time I went to see the stock markets in live action)
Wednesday – Newport to Mystic – 35 NM

0826 – Steaming out of Newport, a superb Italian sausage/tomato/mozzeralla omlete at Gary’s, past BeaverTail light, misc tasks around the boat to include rigging proper jacklines that arrived via the Rodgy/Jillian Express last night, taping tethers to eliminate chaffing, squaring up expenses, creating our kitty, meow meow.

P10100431214 – Straight up awesome!! Navigation work all around, dead reckoning, sextant calabaration, software configuration.P1010053 Motor cruising down Block Island Sound knock on wood our Yanmar 44 diesel (already having logged 20 plus hours) continues to hum along smoothly, the fuel gauge is broken but we are pretty confident that we shall make it to Mystic!

2055 – At the docks of Mystic Seaport, Jordi brushing his teeth, Steve reading a book, I tinkering with wireless networks and our 15 DBi antenna know around the Audax as “The Shlong”P1010075
Pizza pizza and more pizza at the warm and welcoming home of Karin Soderberg, Jordi’s Aunt literally a stones throw across the Mystic River from the Audax’s current resting ground . An expensive but fun trip to West Marine for new charts, winch handle, cruising guide,boat tackle, CO2 monitor, stove holder and more…kind of felt like being a kid at Toys R Us except for the paying part at the end! Stormy weather and unfavorable winds coupled with the prospect of Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Kay’s will keep Team Audax busy this Turkey day.

The three of us hard at work if the GPS Fails!

A tour of the lighthouses from Newport to Mystic, a freaking lot of them (note: good to have around though!)


Amtrak that many know I hold a special place for if any remember (domain has expired alas so don’t trip clicking :)
We wait, train crosses, bridge opens, we go through, sweet!!

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Cruising the Maine Coast in November = 10 layers of clothing times a mushed up nauseated brain add some snow to the deck and multiplied by 2-3 hours of sleep

November 20th, 2007 · 7 Comments

P1010004 Monday
0750 Steaming out of Freeport, saying final goodbyes, emotional and exciting and we are off and running steaming towards the Cape Cod Canal, destination Newport RI.

A few shots of the support staff, thank you!


1100 F$&k!!!! as I strive not to completely spew all over my computer. What is up, what is down, a rather large sea swell on the aft quarter, dealing with leaking sea cocks to name one of the many issues has lead to well… a tough first day out on the boat, I am not going to lie, did I sign up for this sort of stuff ! We did manage to cook some hot dogs for lunch, rig jack lines and unsuccessfully attempt a single side band radio reception


Winter Time Sailing Baby!!

1545 Wow, what a difference a day makes! Sunny, crisp skies as we entered the Cape Cod Canal, timing it perfectly for the outgoing tide and thus a 9 knot motor cruise emptying us out at Buzzards Bay. Calm seas (yessss!!!!) and cruising at speeds up 7.5 knots under sail only, a little drizzle and good spirits all around. Everybody helping, everybody driving, the team bringing it together and a crisp reception from the single side band transmission… what a difference a day makes!

1808 Right now… sitting at Starbuck across from teammate Steve as we both avidly type out our blogs, (if you have not read it, check it out ) . Approximately 180 NM later, Freeport-CapeCodCanal-Newport the Audax peacefully rests at Bannisters Wharf right in the heart of Newport, free dockage thanks to the kind Newport hospitality although it might have something to do with the fact no other freaking boat is crazy enough to still be in the water at this time of year. All in all a most successful first leg, great team work/communication, we have not sunk yet and a solid start!
I was however thankfully reminded of how harsh and unforgiving the ocean can be as I was rigging the jacklines (lines you run from the bow to the stern of the boat to tie yourself into in stormy weather so you don’t fall overboard) in a pounding sea with snow falling and that feeling of anxiety in the stomach quickly bubbled to the surface on how scary something can be when your life is at steak but with respect, careful planning and attention to detail the risks can be minimized and the beauty of the adventure can be realized! A treat tonight with Mom and Dad Herrigel swinging through town enroute to Maine, perhaps a free meal to go with the free lodging! God bless…..

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First Leg..

November 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment


Part 1 We left/we began, we sailed/we did not sink!. Leaving all the boat work behind and with rations to include one diet coke, 1 water, 1 ham sandwich and 2 snack bars x 3 the Audax departed Rockland for the first time in 3 years as we set course for Phippsburg. Sunny skies prevailing and the foretasted 10-15 knot winds quickly turning to 20 plus we slammed and jammed all the way at times surging forward at 7 plus knotsRockland-Phippsburg-Freeport and it truly felt great to get the proverbial party started. A nights reprieve in West Point and then 15 nautical miles and 4 hours later we found ourself tied to the docks of Strout’s Point Marina in Freeport.

Part 2 Now we pray, we work, we hope for good weather, too bad a hurricane is on its way for this weekend!! The list of to do’s has grown, the list of able workers has shrunk, yet the”Eye on the Prize” mantra needs to be stronger than ever es and as Steve writes in his blog a little praying will not hurt. Today a most successful one as Sverre being a toilet lover at heart took it upon himself to dissect ours in an effort to eliminate the need for a bucket on the voyage, some great work on fixing the leaks, a meeting with Bruce tomorrow and a meeting with Phil on Saturday, the yard taking a look at our beauty and keeping Erin’s reminder of The Law of Attraction and positive thinking is the only way to to proceed and make this dream a reality.

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