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3 Long Blasts…

December 1st, 2007 · 2 Comments

0922 The call sign for a boat backing up and good advice from Phil, our resident weather expert in Maine (also known for sailing around the world and enabling the Audax to leave the great sate without falling apart! Check out his site at Another quick look at the weather shows high winds and moderate seas, its go time.

1608 – Here listening to the high pitched sound of the SSB radio as it currently downloads the NE Atlantic Surface Analysis, take a look at all the sweet graphics we can get at sea from this machine here… old school technology is still pretty cool – We raise the antenna, P1000119plug in an audio chord from the SSB to the computer and a program converts the sound into a readable graphic. Trolling for fish with live eel (see photo below of me blessing EelsTeam Audax Caribbean Endeavour › Edit — WordPressifer) 6 NM off the Delaware coast, significantlyP1000116 calmed seas as the wind seems to becoming just right to sail under sunny skies and a rapidly falling sun, ahhhh….life at sea.

1048 New Jersey…check; Delaware…check; Maryland…check; Virginia…check mate. Ripped dodger…Jesus!; Partially torn genoa sail….Christ!!; Smokey engine…Holy sh$#!;

A beautiful day as we officially crossed the Mason Dixon line last night. No time forP1000121 photos given the 30 knot gusts and attention to steering needed (our team member “Otto”, the auto pilot does not like to sail, a pure motorist at heart! ) Thus an interesting night to say the least, but wow…here we are in the South. Cape Charles and the mouth of the Chesapeake just off our Starboard bow.

P1000164 1958 – “On the hook” aka we dropped our anchor for the first time as darkness was just befalling. A celebratory cigar for team P1000127Audax tonight upon reaching mile 0.0 of the Intracoastal waterway and now laying wait with a handful of similar vessels here at Hospital Point -the crossroads of Norfolk, Hampton and Portsmouth and it seems the heart of American industrial and military might. I even got to see a submarine steaming by as we entered the Chesapeake. Stuck it seems for 24 hours as both P1010067routes of the ICW remain closed; 1) The Dismal swamp, our choice route but with low water it is indefinitely shut down and 2)the official ICW route is closed for 36 hours due to emergency bridge repair work… go figure!! We are all tired and looking forward to bed after the spectacular Italian sausage spaghetti dinner by Steve… goodnight and sleep tight.


P1010069 1330 What a difference a good night sleep makes. Our first cruise today aboard the mini Audax (no name yet so suggestions welcome!) Trip into Norfolk, Steve seems to have made some good friends :) whilst Jordi and I took one for the team and made friends with Dan, our cab driver!223833377_747574941_0 Game plan for the afternoon: Change oil, go for a run, wire CO2 monitor, plot route for tomorrow, 13 bridges to get by and one lock within the first 20 miles of the ICW, wow. Once again stealing internet as the “Shlong” has yet to provide any significant signals from the boat. Happy weekend to all and stay warm for all our good friends and family in Maine!!!!


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Cape May – Last stop in NJ

November 28th, 2007 · 3 Comments

P1010016 2026 - Safe and sound at Utsch ‘s Marina, Cape May. 2 near misses with the ocean bottom…maybe it had to do with my noon shooting of the suns position via the sextant that globally positioned us 30 miles onto dry land!! No harm no foul, but we all need to continue to work a bit on the fine tuning of navigation. Today we steamed faster than I ever thought the Audax could go.. close to 8.5 knots at times on a reach out of Atlantic City, tooP1010029 bad our bilge began to fill with diesel!! The 2nd time of the trip and what seems to be a fill tube overflow problem when heeling at 30 plus degrees thus ultimately forcing us to motor and burn excess fuel. A tight, successful landing by Jordi at the marina, good conversations at the helm about life, money and marriage, (no proposals and NO we are not becoming that close with each other yet :) ). Forced to pay another freaking dockage fee tonight although at least this time we got a goodie bag to include wine, biscotti and coffee coupon and last night I managed to quadruple my money in Black Jack to help fatten up the “kitty”!!!

Just finished a most successful sit down dinner of fresh, local bluefish and asparagus sauted in a butter/garlic sauce, my buddy Will Frischkorn, professional cyclist and gourmet chef extraordinare would be proud. Some solid provisioning at the local Acme supermarket and a weather window that looks to be favorable and very WINDY starting tomorrow PM as high pressure holds strong. The voteP1000040 says it is go time for our longest leg yet of 155 NM into the mouth of the Chesapeake and ideally reaching Hospital point just past Norfolk and at the crossroads of the ICW (intracoastal waterway)

Site News:
Super psyched to see Jordi enter the blogging ranks yesterday, (see entry directly below) and I hope many who follow this site also check out the sister site at (Steve’s site).
2) Spiffed up the Ships Log page to show our route and ports of call
3) Jordi’s personal photo album is up and running via a link on the main page called Jordi’s Photos
4) Be sure to continue leaving comments throughout the site as we truly love, read and appreciate them all. Thank you for the continued support.
5) Coming relatively soon I hope to the site will be a definition page for the sundry of terms used throughout the site,  a pictorial page for my own artistic photo work labeled “Through the Rigging”, (hopefully Sverre will be able to help me out on this) and an area of the site to begin creating the Caribbean Island Trail in conjunction with MITA where we made the front page of their website, awesome!!!

Most recent route Map:

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My first post!

November 28th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Jordi St. John

I wasn’t sure how long I would hold out before writing my own update and take on life aboard the mighty Audax but here it is. Life is great! The living situation and group dynamics have been working well, as we have been able to work through all the different ideas and thoughts that 3 knowledgeable sailors manage to come up. It is amazing how many different ways you can come up with to get things done and each one is the way one of us has always done it. But after talking it through we really have been able to find the best solution to many of our problems, and maybe we can even teach you!

I am sure everyone is wondering if we get bored on the boat just sailing along at 5 or 6 knots and then docking or anchoring for the night if we decide not to sail on through. The answer is not yet (anyway). We are traveling through waters we have never been through, navigating, trying out the single side band to get a weather fax, fixing little things on the boat, taking photos, doing sit ups and push ups, writing in journals, and reading. Just to name a few. Even the reading I am torn between reading my book titled”I just want my pants back” or reading books about charting, engine repair, the Intra Coastal Waterway, or the Eldridge. While in the harbors John and I have been running, those guys update these blogs for you loyal fans, we check weather, tides, routes, and then recheck them later on with updated forecasts. So it always seems like there is something going on.

I will tell you it is weird not working a normal 9 to 5 job like I am used to. We still get up early in the morning unless we had a night late of sailing and little sleep the previous night but even still I am sleeping less then at home but napping more and we all try and eat healthy. So things are great aboard Audax even with the ups and downs of life and the sea.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy the blogs with all the hard work John and Steve put into them. We get a lot of enjoyment knowing you guys are following along.

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A whole day with no sailing

November 28th, 2007 · No Comments

2043 -That Donald sure knows how to build! Sitting once again at the business center of Trump Marina, the halls startingP1000049 to fill, getting ready to head back to the boat for some dinner a la chef Jordi: macaroni and hot dogs!! A mostP1000038 productive day sans sailing here in Atlantic City. Eating at the White Horse, a famous hoagie shop graced by stars ranging from Frank Sinatra to George Clooney and Jimmy Fallon. (thanks Mike for the tip!), more unsuccessful dinghy motor work, Steve attached our new mainP1010006 sheet block, (thanks Bruce!) and we downloaded some much needed, greater detailed nautical charts (link to free NOAA raster and vector charts for entire USA)

Our first bed rotation last night(thats Steve in my bed to the left though!!) puts Steve in the V-Berth ,myself in the saloon and Jordi in the aft cabin. Once again team member Rodger came through huge, making the trek P1010003 P1010012from Chatham to deliver our main sheet block, more wireless toys and Skipper Bob’s intracoastal waterway guide! As morale builds and we get ancy to leave, a weather window this coming weekend has opened for the time being, (it is amazing how quickly the high, lows and fronts move  through) .

Here is Tim in the main saloon of a 49 Hylas, a boat he’s delivering and extremelyP1010005 similar in layout to the Audax. A super nice and friendly guy who has been a great help and wealth of knowledge. (I love our vessel but damn… 10 feet longer and 15 years newer… wow!!!). Blackjack tonight… Cape May tomorrow!

Another “Hook Up” – Steve’s great friend Cory taking us out to dinner…sweeeet!!

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