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Running on by

December 15th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Another Jordi Post

After 3o hours at sea we arrived safely in St Augustine, FL at 8am this morning, which meant it was time for me to go to bed after being on watch. Once we headed to shore John and I went for a run around America’s oldest city and I realized how much I enjoy running! It allows me to view places I have never been to before from a different angle, wave to the locals as we run by, and half the time end up on the wrong side of town. Fortunately the other half of the time we end up  on the “right side of the tracks” by some gorgeous houses, all of which just adds to the fun of it all.

I have also realized that in life I am generally on the run to get things done, see this or that person, and try to make the most of the moment. Being on the boat has allowed me to slow down a bit, take time to read, write in a journal, and reflect on things. So I must say running is an important part of my life but also taking time to slow down and smell the proverbial roses is not such a bad thing for me, or any of us for that matter!

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Florida or Bust

December 13th, 2007 · 3 Comments

P1000355P1000356 2315 – Its go time in t-minus 2 hours for our 0100 departure from the floating dock in Savannah (the currents that will carry us down the river our most favorable for the 6 hours starting at midnight) and back into blue water for our safe crossing (“knock on wood”) into Floridian waters. Truly a splendid day that included boat cleaning, great times with Nathaniel and Rick, wonderful eat’s andP1000348 beverages at the Moon River Brewing Company, holiday shopping -P1000362 a sweet hat purchase by Steve, another trip to the candy store :) and I even got to ask Santa what I want for Christmas that although commercialized still brings great joy and feel good to many – the more you believe the P1000364happier you will be! A ceremonious although sad day as we had to say goodbye to one of our team members Mr. Heater…shipping him North to where his services can better be utilized. A middle of the night departure, favorable winds to catch, 150 nm to trek and our next port of St. Augustine about 30 hours away.

Scenes from the great city of Savannah and our most recent route

Good Night and signing out from the S/V Audax

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Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance

December 13th, 2007 · 5 Comments

P1010030P1010028 Christmas and holiday spirit abounds this Thurday AM here at the Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe listening to holiday tunes in the background with a stomach ache…the direct result of over indulgence from the Savannah Candy Shop last night. Crawfish, crabcakes, oysters atP1010031 Bernie’s on River Street topped by listening to these two guys rock out in the center square with the Audax in the background. (Brown Eyed Girl, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay….)

P1010018 Wednesday
1640 – Steaming towards Savannah, a last minute decision to head for the heart of this grand city as oppose to the planned dockage in Thunderbolt, (Technically speaking Savannah is 8 miles off the ICW, but cheaper dockage $1/ft and Jordi’s brother Nat flying in for the day from Atlanta led the team to exercise the option for more southern city lovin! A straightforward day with high spirits as we snaked 50 miles past Hilton Head and mega mansions. An early morning wake up run in Beaufort, coffee once again at the Common Ground (pictured here) followed by dollar showers at the city Marina where bottled water cost us twice our shower fee! Reading today “A newP1010003 Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle he talks of the importance of trying to live in the Now, to be Aware of the greater Life force yet understanding we are humans with human emotions. Trying to be more conscious of our actions both the good and bad, working to balance materialistic pleasure with an understanding that “this to will pass.” Being in the moment, appreciating its timeless wonder, working to resist judgment and always trying to “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” To Jordi and the Bate’s team: My heart goes out to you all as well.

Photo Tour of Beaufort and the oddest boat seen to date, notice motorcycle on fore deck.
P1010026 - Copy - Copy

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Live It

December 11th, 2007 · 3 Comments

By Jordi St. John

South Carolinia is just what team Audax needed! Warm weather, a first swim, porpoises swimming along with the boat, and visiting friends. Georgia and her husband Brian were great dinner hosts while we were in Charleston and it is always fun catching up with Small Pointers out side of Small Point, Maine!

On my own personal note I have experienced sadness but confirmation that this trip is what I need to be doing. I got a call yesterday from a few of the skiers I coached last winter at Bates telling me that Connor Cushman (a Bates nordic skier) father, Pat died on Sunday while out nordic skiing. A few of the Bates kids happened to be skiing with him and did CPR to try and save him but by the time the EMTs arrived Pat had passed away. Pat was one of the most healthy and in shape father I know. He loved to ski and ride road bikes and always interested in new training techniques. The Bates team is really close and I am sure will help Connor in what I believe is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. After many thoughts about my own father, my friend Clinton, and all the other close people that have died, I realize how important it is to make the most out of life and take advantage of it’s possibilities! This trip is amazing and I am so glad to be here experiencing new things along with John and Steve, and just living up all that life has to offer.

Hope this finds all of you doing well, enjoying the holidays and being with the people you love.

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December 11th, 2007 · No Comments

With warm weather comes our first swim!!

P1010054 1425 –and also cometh the bugs, no Maine crazed mosquitos, but those pesky little “no see ums” and if not for temps in the 70’s, snow in Maine and the ability to have such a wonderful experience complain we shall not. A bit of fog this AM as we departed Charleston ducking back into the “ditch” for the 90 mile trip to Savannah with a stopover in Beaufort, SC (pronounced Bew-fort and not to be confused with Beaufort, NC). Yesterday some great blogging at the College of Charleston libraryP1010041 followed by provisioning at Harris Teeter bringing back for me P1010047memories of UVA times (a quick shout out to the UVA friends who I hope continue to follow the journey Ed, John, Steve and Evan)that was then capped off by brats and burgers at the newly remodeled home of Georgia and Brian with friends Rick and Courtney. (We even got to watch some of the patriots game as well!!) Ending the day with a fully loaded zodiac trip back to the Audax, morale is high and the mittens are off as we continue to move South.

1700 – Official Cocktail Hour (Ending time: When the mosquito’s did decide to finally show up!!!!!)


1046 – Who really needs to see where they are going anyways!! Awakening to THICK fog we decided to depart in the soupP1010084 around 0840. Waiting, waiting and still waiting for the fog to lift as we steam along the CoosawP1010072 river implementing a new fog rotation schedule that includes 1 hour driving, 1 hour nav’ing and 1 our on the manual fog horn aka 30 blows and tired lungs. A short 25 mile jump to Beaufort today with the ETA currently putting us in around 1330.


Photo tour of Charleston and the trip from Charleston to Beaufort

Photo of our own personal rainbow during our trip in the fog today (really sweet!):

The picture I just took of the view I am looking out at from the porch of the Common Ground coffee shop here in Beaufort as this entry is typed.

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“Life isn’t as serious as my mind makes it out to Be” – Eckhart Toll

December 9th, 2007 · 3 Comments

P1010038What you do you choose to do” and when the temperature cracks 70, the sun ismustache shining and the seas are calm you may sometimes get a hairy chested, shirtless man, sipping semi-burnt percolator derived coffee  at the helm of a sailboat! I figure with all the body hair is there really a need for more on the face.

“Go for it, be spontaneous and follow through”… “Relax, breath, live, love, enjoy” and my personal favorite from the private journal writings of last night… “Get out of your head and into Life”


1409 – FLIPPER is alive! Dolphins (or porpoises) just surfaced and rolled over on their bellies directly off the Audax’s bow with their fins within a hands reach of shaking!! Just super awesome and exciting as we trekP1000289 South…steaming past Beaufort with the sun shining and a crystal still ocean. A bit of Dal Fry and rice, (thanks Erin!) and P1000283 back into the groove for the next 40 hours plus. The town of Oriental was in action as we left, raising their X-mas star for their annual ceremony we are sorry to miss. Friendly goodbyes from Jimmy at the provision store, Laura- the sail maker, Sarah- our running mate/ new friend and Keith – local resident, entrepreneur and creator of the site we were famous on. Thank you Oriental, we are gracious for the hospitality and hope to return soon. Below is Steve and I in front of the Bean. Steve bought me a souvenir T-shirt, thank you!!! P1010014


0424 SLEEPY!! Working to stay awake; black tea, chocolate, exercise; It has been eerily calm ever since late yesterday and not a breath of wind here at 30+ nm offshore as we make tracks towards Cape Fear under a starry sky, a small P1010003 following sea and temps in the low 60’s. An interesting night with something just not feeling quite right ever since the sun set. I do believe we crossed into the Bermuda triangle but will need to confirm on land. Cannon fire/bombs??, naval warships on the VHF, a missing boat, some squalls to the East (forcing us to better learn what those little knobs on the radar do – gain, tune, and clutter.) Some fresh baked bread for dinner (no small task with a boat pitching, flour flying and head spinning!). Steve and I took some preventative motion sickness pills with hallucinations at this stage moderate. “Otto” steering a straight and true course as it is good to be back in the routine – writing, reading, navigating, driving, sleeping… reset…reset…reset….

1648 – I can’t see land… awesome!!!!!

The newest route photo and a photographic tour of Oriental – Click to enlarge
Goose Creek-Oriental-Charleston

Notice the name of the boat here!!

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We are famous and on the Oriental Harbor Cam!!!

December 7th, 2007 · 2 Comments

At least till 10 today :)


Also take a look at this sweet site as well another crazy around the world sailor who actually met Phil and Amy from World Voyagers on their respective travels.

Today we say goodbye to Oriental, sitting here in the Bean, shooting the sh$! with the locals, probably about 12 plus. It is amazing how this place bumps. Unfortunately we will miss the X-mas celebration the town offers this weekend, but the weather looks good for shooting Charleston so it is go time! Some frustrating times yesterday putting a fuel hose clamp on, but we did persevere. Trying to fit 2 hands into a pin sized hole with screwdriver whilst getting diesel and sludge all over you, awesome!!! A most successful stuffing box repacking though and preventative wire brushing/spay painting of the motor as well as installation of the proper size American Flag, (did you know the proper width of the flag is one inch for every foot of boat, ours is 36, so 2 short) made the day a productive one. Today we run, literally and physically, to the sailmaker at 9 to pick up our newly refurbished sails and genoa, then we will refill of our water tank, (we ran out last night),do some course plotting and go, go go.  Thanks for reading!

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Living it up down South…

December 6th, 2007 · 2 Comments

P10100151940 – Belhaven, oh beautiful Belhaven, population 1400 and nestled up Pantego Creek just off the Pungo River. Freaking shallow water everywhere!!!!! After attempting to land on a dock, running aground and then getting pinned against pilons thus followed by banging the zodiac motor on the river bed as the food got soaked motoring out to the Audax only to find her a bit high and dry again we finally set sail and left feeling good despite it all. Why? I think mostly because of the niceness of people in this town. Sandy the local librarian out of the kindness of her heart drove us from the Food Lion simply because we needed help. Add to this friendly smiles everywhere and it just felt really good to see how kind and helpful the human race can still be despite the fast paced, no time for anything lifestyle so many of us live.

0945 – Beam reaching down the Neuse River, Steve at the helm, Jordi reading in the aft cabin, myself calling marinas inP1010032 Oriental, the self proclaimed sailing capital of North Carolina, population 850 where “cordial P1000254barroom banter can quickly escalate to calls to rid the area of those damn Yankees”. We weighed anchor under cloudy skies and crystal still seas to yet another brilliant red sky…sailors take warn?….


DSC01488 0719 – Wow, I may have found a new home! This town really rocks!! Motoring in with shrimp boats to the left and right, unfortunately and sadly many are for sale with the current state of the fisheries, weP1010045 pulled into the Oriental Marina, Tiki Bar included. A sweet Shrimp Quesadilla at M and M’s where we met the only person under 60 in the town, Sarah, who just moved here a week ago herself.

A trip to the local boating/everything provision shop down the street, despite the small size of the town there are over 3000 registered boats. We had our sails and dodger picked up for needed repairs by Oriental Sailmaker’s, Jordi and I went for the standard run around town, (Jordi giving back some of the kindness of the South ended up helping out a women we met in the provision storeP1010052 clean her roof although I do hear financial compensation was included!)

I currently sit looking out at the Audax typing from “the Bean,” the local coffee shop with an P1010053atmosphere I have not seen since the West Point General Store. The community simply hanging out, drinking coffee and laughing. I just hope the friendly banter does not turn to animosity directed at “those damn Yankees” ! A work day, see list here and some weather watching as we prepare for our next jump ideally to Charleston, SC.

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It seems always better to know than to think

December 4th, 2007 · No Comments

P1000172 1214 - You know someone is out of place in Norfolk when you are caught running down the street, in shorts, on December 1st, passing an outdoors skating arena, with an alternator belt grasped in the one hand, camera in the other! Transition to a bald eagle atop a tree, a deer swimming in front of us, 14 bridges to pass without hitting our mastbridges and one lock to boot…life on the ICW.

We are very happy Steve made it back last night in one piece after an interesting trip to the supermarket, see his site). This AM the stevejordilaundry windlass hauled our anchor and half the mud in Chesapeake Bay for the first time but she did not break(thanks again Phil). Off at first light, steaming ahead at give or take 5.5 knots. Question: Is there a magic formula to obtaining non-burnt yet strong, tasty coffee from a percolator?

2040 –At anchor -Buck Island. 56 statute miles down, 1031 to go for “Miami by Christmas!”icwphoto (In the ICW, all mileage is expressed in normal people miles vs the mariners nautical variety.) Extreme peace and quite other than a light rain falling outside. Like a finely oiled machine Team Audax was able to accomplish a fuel filter change, alternator belt replacement and raw water oilchange clean out prior to dinner. One should take note also of the most interesting final 5 miles of the days journey: The sun set, it got very dark and the channel was definitely NOT straight (see photo) coupled with an allowable margin of error between gliding and grinding of less than 100 feet.

2043 – Depth Sounder readings: 13, 12.4, 10.3, 8, 7.5, 6.3, thump… we are not moving!! Luckily for us the ROCKY coast of Maine is 700 miles away though! Our first hit on the ground in the ICW but now we safely rest at mile 123… lines rattling above as the 40 knot gusts of the day have not subsided. An agreement among the crew that the wind levels today were as high as any of us had ever experienced and this photo probably does not do it justice, but very sweet overall winds as temps in the 60’s, sunshine and Blue Grass on the sound system helped to make the day a great one.

johnsailing Out of Buck Island early at 0630, sails unfurled to cross Albemarle sound, navigating into Alligator River, (no live ones seen yet), through a 15 miles canal ending at Pungo River under the cover of darkness for the 2nd night in a row. Not our fault this time as we learned that relying on cruising guides just like relying solely on the computer screen for navigation does not always work out so well. Freaking “Skipper Bob’s guide to ICW Anchorages” wrote of a great steve anchorage on the canal, too bad there was no room, no water and a vicious tide. Another double love tap with the bottom and a more forceful grounding requiring the synchronized use of engine throttle, windlass operation and zodiac pushing to free us was more than enough to say F-this and to forge forward into the setting sun for another 12 miles to the next anchorage (from a cruising guide!) on Pongo River. More safe, mostly sound and after a dinner of potatoes and beans, followed by the Monday bed rotation ritual, we are all resting/reading/ hanging and looking forward to an easier day of 15 miles trekking to civilization for computer time, blog posting, provisioning and minor boat repairs.

2 photo albums for viewing pleasure. Military Might and Bridges of the ICW (click to go to album)

PS: The quote used at the title of the entry was taken from my brothers writings at his site

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Life on the ICW

December 4th, 2007 · 1 Comment

By Jordi

Wow the Intra Coastal Waterway is quiet the expericnce! Shallow, narrow, murkey, then wide open through huge sounds but only about 15 feet of water in the channel and 5 to 10 feet outside it. Being a New England boater it is wierd sailing or should I say motoring along with tons of water on both sides but being scared if I get a few degrees off course because I might shove the keel up onto the soft muddy bottom. (a redeeming feature down here, as opposed to Maine’s rock hard bottom)

Steve John and I have been figure out what works and what doesn’t for ourselves as well as for the group. John and Steve get up an hour before we leave to have coffee and slowly wake up, while I do the 30 minutes prior to departure brush teeth, clothes on, bowl of cereal, and up on deck to get the anchor up or lines off! Different strokes for different folkes, and the good thing is we can talk about what we each need and are making it work.

Heard there was lots of snow up north and I am actually a little jealous! It will be interesting not seeing snow on the ground in the winter months not to mention not being able to get on skis! It is all part of the adventure. Hope everyone is doing well, we three sure are.


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