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December 27th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Thursday 0707 – An early morning stealth journey by Steve and I to the marina – beach walk by Steve, computer time for me. The last official day in the United States of America assuming all goes smoothly. 83 nm to our destination – Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. Winds from the East and South East, a 2-3 knot current from the South aka Gulf Stream, water and fuel tanks to be filled, obtaining charts of where we plan to go, phone plan changes as at $1.50/min in the Bahamas I suspect team Audax will be vocally silent at first as we work out the kinks of Skype. Where are we going now? A map of our jump across, the Bahamas unfolded and our most recent route maps.


P1010184 2229 – 38 feet of fiberglass real estate, I type at anchor from the Audax- Fort Lauderdale. Trying to simplify and save money I managed to spend more and complicate matter last night. Taxi ride to Staybridge Extended Stay inP1010181 Miami, awake 4 hours later, shuttle to train, train to Fort Lauderdale, cab to marina, dingy ride to Audax. Well back in action but perhaps with karma a bit off, coupled with lackadaisical driving skills P1010183that were magnified by a strong current, dingy Audax suffered a slicing blow today as I attempted to navigate this low hanging bridge. (Disclaimer: I was not under the influence of any substances) Pop, hiss, sh$!!!!…..a moment of hesitation and then full speed ahead to the marina. Patch work surgeryP1010184 performed, knock on wood, and “no named” dingy returned to action. Highlight of the day: “West Point, ME” on Audax’s stern. Great work Steve! Loving, awesome memories of the last 72 hours that will last forever…great to be back with team Audax

1743 – Portland International Airport… Christmas evening. Poem by blog reader formerly known as Agent of Abulafia. 

Tis time to remember the Spirit of Giving
Encompassed by He who is ever living
In each and every pine redolent home
Where Christmas’ magic resounds and bestows

Share in this warmth as best as you can,
And knighted in Spirit, unite in a stand
For all that is good – passed down through the ages-
In knowledge in vessels on oceans of pages.

Welcome the bright ships into your hearth,
Take heed of the words as but a spark
To kindle the latent potential in you:
The Spirit of Goodness that good Christ did prove

Any may Hallelujah set all hears ablaze
On that morning when rested ways
Like retribution be gone
To frame every moment in Heavenly dawn

Pics Album #2 with lots of cute doggie pics from the Herrigel Family X-mas

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December 24th, 2007 · 1 Comment


A second quality day Audax and I have had together, just the two of us! As I sit here enjoying warm weather and sun I feel a little strange celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas day without family, snow, a big Christmas tree, and presents. It is replaced with a 38 foot sailboat, Ft Lauderdale Beach, and time to relax. I have adopted a Candian family, Don, his wife, Heesook, and son Christopher. They had me for dinner last night and we are going to do some stuff today so don’t worry about me I am not completly alone. Today and yesterday I have been looking for scuba diving stuff so I will be ready to go when I get down to the islands. Other then that a new cut makes me look like and feel like a new man!

Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year to all!

P.S feel free to give me a call on Christmas I will appriciate the love!

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New Jersey and Maine???

December 24th, 2007 · 2 Comments

0908 -No the Audax did not turn around just yet but a quick insertion to New England for team member John. With the holiday spirit in full swing, the spirit of life abounding…the joy of spreading happiness and love. A visit with Jordi’s brother Sverre and girlfriend Jenn in NJ (check in the photo album for the sweet legoP1010141 creation he made! )… the Herrigel/Galton plus Ethan traditional and wonderful annual X-mas Eve or really Xmas Eve Eve celebration. (our first one without any grandparents, god bless all)… a trip back up to Maine in a rented Mini Van -6 bodies + 3 dogs adding old school Bruce Springstein/Crystal Gale music = family fun! Steve on an adventure inP1010158 Miami, Jordi watching the boat whilst dining with Canadian cruisers in Fort Lauderdale.. snow on the ground… Merry wishes to all..

P10101380836 – 30,000 feet in the air….say what… the Audax’s “go go gadget” button really works? Greetings from Continental flight 239.. a bittersweet goodbye to my 38 foot home for a 60 hour journey to New Jersey, then Maine and back just in time for midnight Christmas in Miami (if the flight scheduled to arrive at 0006 fly’s fast!) A super dooper thank you to JordiP1010140 and Steve for manning the vessel and keeping the extended watch during this leave of absence. A beautiful sight to see last night… the Audax lit up with lights and smelling of holiday cheer thanks to the 4 Maine pine cones and kind, caring generosity of our newest member to Team Audax, Scott Michaels, aka Santa Clause who came bearing presents, decorations and an aura of positive energy. Outfitting yesterday at the famous Blue Water bookP1000500P1000501 store – 5 chart booklets and 2 cruising guides; a productive work day that included fixing “Otto”, steering cable readjustment and FINALLY taking off the hailing port of Edmonton to be replaced soon by “West Point, Maine!” The day capped off by a run down the beach, dinner on board Audax and Christmas hugs. A 0400 wake up call and dingy ride ashore laden with winter weather returns with excitement to see loved ones….

Christmas Photo Album

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Dude… we are in Fort Lauderdale!

December 21st, 2007 · 3 Comments

P1010137 1700 Se here we are on our first official beach…we made it…on a boat and it just feels good. A run down “A1A Beach front Avenue” felt like a scene out of some movie as the Audax certainly treated us well today and is tired after running hard all day, making all but the first bridge opening and bringing us safely into Fort Lauderdale well ahead of schedule. She now rests… moored at the Las Olas Marina as we enjoy relaxing in probably the most comfortable marina accommodations to date after a swim in the Atlantic. Real estate and boats, holy cow, this photo album below does little justice to the shear magnitude of wealth of the materialistic variety that we saw today.

Earlier Post today
P1010129 0905 – Its kind of like gambling… 3 components – 2 that are fixed and 1 variable.
Fixed: 1) Bridge schedule 2) The distance between 2 bridges.
The speed of your vessel.
Example: Right now we have 4 statute miles to get from bridge A to bridge B. If we don’t maintain a high speed of 6.5 to 7P1000469 nautical miles on average and arrive one minute too late all is lost and we are thus doomed to drift aimlessly soaking in the sun for 30 minutes until the next open. With 20 bridges to get through, Miami calling, it is go go go! Runnig at 2500 RPM… you could practically water ski behind us, sweet!!!

P1010122 Thursday 2317
Jordi and Steve pretty much covered today in their postings so no need to elaborate on details as I sit enjoying Wi Fi here at the “Riviera rin”, (the neon sign is missing the MA and A and pretty much conveys the general feel of the area we lay rest at). Awesome sailing, the grand and most excellent tour by Mike, provisioning, good conversation, bumpy waves and some thoughts….

Emotions come, emotions go and when on a boat at sea away from land, computers, the internet, day to day tasks and societal conventions life seems to be so much simpler and easier to think about and deal with. What does this mean? Where does this leave me in my quest for better mental health, a greater spiritual background and perhaps more than anything a sense of purpose, a reason for doing what I do. Being on the boat there is a romanticized belief of reading great novels whilst under sail, having ground breaking insights as dolphins frolic in your wake, but a lot of the time when you are on watch from 12-4 AM all that is going through my mind is “jeez when will 4 arrive so that I can go to bed and close my eyes!” The repetitive ruminations over past actions and future plans ultimately creating stress and anxiety. More times than naught utilizing the present moment as a means to an end for what…. perceived gratification and praise, societal encouragement, quantifiable objects of material form.

I feel for the past many years I have been searching for something, to feel more whole, more comfortable, more me. Things happen for a reason, this trip, this post, the reading of Tolle’s New Earth… having the time to collect your thoughts, eliminating the irrational, negative thought patterns/habits on what I should have done, what I could have done, what I will do when I get X. This trip, the connections and conversations with Jordi and Steve, the time at sea has awakened a shift within, it has stirred my core. Nothing comes easy, but I continue to pursue a path that will align my inner core with true, genuine, good intentioned, enthusiasm and positive energy towards outer world goals, endeavours and missions. I hope I can continue to learn to be more in the moment, to share and radiate energy, kindness and happiness. Thanks for reading and lots of love and good vibes to all.

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Now this is Florida!

December 20th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Good old Jordi Post

Warm clear water, lots of big fast boats, and really nice homes. We must be in Florida and we’re not even down to the big gun areas like Miami and Ft Lauderdale! After a great day of sailing and getting into Palm Beach where we went high class and docked, although it is in the low class area, we were picked up by Rodger Herrigel’s friend, Mike Ternosky in his sporty Mercedes Benz. Mike gave us the low rent followed by the richy richy tour of North Palm, West Palm and just straight up Palm Beach area. On the way some grocries were bought and a quick stop off to visit Mike’s wife Penny. It was nice to see things from land and going at 40 miles an hour as opposed to our usual 5 or top speed of about 6-7! Though to tell you the truth I think team Audax likes our speed and it allows us all to live in the now and not be so worried about the future or the past.

That said the now means we just finished up a dinner I cooked up, after which Steve did dishes and now we are all about to climb into bed. So hope you all are in good health and done with all the Christmas and Holiday shopping craziness!

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From a tiki bar in Fort Pierce

December 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments

P1010120 we eat calamari and sip on Bud’s listening to Xmas music played by a brass band enjoying the 80 degree temps of Florida. Traffic on the highway of water today as we had to slow down multiple times for passing boats. BUGSP1010121 arrived in swarms as well calling into action screen protection guru Steve St. Jean and myself assisting as best I could whilst Jordi made sure we did not hit anything topside. For the birders (Rodger aka Dad and others) out there here is a brief photo album of the plethora of vultures, pelicans and what not we see during our days here on the ICW

P1010114 1257 –Strong winds and LARGE swells as we make our way out of St Augustine inlet. Decision time as we approaching whistle buoy #25, turn back, go forward????? We go forth in a large quarter swell, boat lurching allP1010104 which ways, waves breaking, sweet!!! Managed to keep the tuna fish sandwich down as we work the weather fax and Stevey at the helm works the swells. Weather says diminishing seas but we shall see. Tied a preventer on the boom so our main doesn’t blow out, wearing winter weather cloths again, what the christ!!!

P1010105 0300 – Let there be light. Beams of light cascading away from the ROCKET SHIP off our starboard bow! (the picture really does not do it justice :) ) We hopefully await a countdown and blast off from the best seats in the house and all I can think about is their electricity bill! Jolting this way, then that under sail only (no motor finally) as we cruise 6 miles off shore on a broad reach with average speeds of 5-6 knots. Philosophical conversations, rice and dal fry, diet cokes, cliff bars, fruits and more. Keep on rockin in the free world.

2022 –Cape Canaveral came, Cape Canaveral went. For lack of dockage and anchorage the Audax and rocketships decided not to tango and we continued down to our current anchorage at mile 925 on the ICW in the Indian River just past Melbourne. A quick stealth mission (got bless all you fellow Navy seals) into Cocoa for pick up of supplies at the local West Marine and now we all go about our own endeavours…tired, but with solid spirits and much looking forward to the nights rest.

P1010117 0830 – Weighed anchor off Cape Malabar in the ICW. The standard morning routine: Steve and John wake up, percolator turned on, beds are made, cigarette for Steve, reading for John, 30 minutes prior to departure, Jordi awakens, (being older men, Steve and I take a bit longer to get going) some cereal/yogurt/fruit eaten, engine turned on 15 minutes prior to go time, final straigtening up of the cabin, computer and course checked, anchor is weighed, steam to speed, log it!

1123 Hot and sunny, shades and lotion our weapons, steaming at 5 knots towards Fort Pierce inlet

A photo tour of our home (and a couple pics of us cleaning it) for those interested in seeing the fine accommodations (aft cabin, v-berth, main saloon, 2 heads, galley, etc etc.) and I recommend you also check out Steves site for the extremely touching photo and verbal tribute to Rico


Thanks again to everybody who is reading this as it is really awesome to know others are enjoying (hopefully) our exploits.

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3 men in boxer shorts equals ???

December 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment


2042 –fixing a head and minimizing messjness, obviously!!! Get your minds out of the gutter :)

We did it as the 2nd attempt was a success and the forward head is back P1000393up and running. Some serious perseverance and hard work by Steve (what you don’t see in the photo I was just asked to remove is Steve deep in the trenches, but I guess you will just have to use your imagination :) ) St Augustine has treated us well. The oldest city in America and what a beautiful place to be seen this time of year as it is all lit up for the holiday season. A couple days ofP1000387 rest seemed to fly by – myself still recovering from sleep deprivation. (Note: regardless of howP1010079 much you may want to accomplish in a day without good rest the alignment of your inner spirituality with outer goals and aspirations can be difficult). A rough stream of conscious account of the past 2 days here: 4 cokes = wired at the A1A bar, temp going to bed Saturday 75, temp going to bed Sunday 45; Patriots game at Scarlet O’Haras; x-mas shopping down St. George Street; provisioning at a Wall Mart Superstore of all places!, coffee shops to include Café Cordova and Café something or antoher, awakening to rain pouring through all the open hatches at 0300.

A photo tour of St. Augustine here.

Late on the posting, my apologies, but journal entries from the trip that got us here….

P10100672218 –“Pon Pon, Pon Pon this is the USCG South Carolina Chapter Break…” crackles through our handheld VHF. (this is the distress call one level less severe than Mayday Mayday) Keeping alert for the distressed vessel we did happen toP1010065 find this lone floating life ring and but for the accumulated growth of many days a float it is safe to say it is not from the vessel in question. With not a breath of wind and sunny skies we have been comfortably motoring at 5 knots about 20 nm off the coast of Georgia and now find ourselves in the waters of Florida!! Perhaps the most excitement of the day being an overzealous attempt to fix the rapidly increasing foul smelling forward head. Note to all: DO NOT NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE APART HOSES THAT ARE FULL OF SHI$%#* UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! P1010071At best adding a little flavor to the freshly baked bread an aborted fiasco do say the least. Today marks the official start of a trip goal of mine: Marine biology exploration – a passion ever since SEA. Taking photos of the first specimens and thus beginning the quest to unlock the secrets of the ocean in a quest to discover a miracle tonic that will alleviate world suffering.


0530 – A near run in with a cruise ship, radar sensitivity problems, 2 hour sleep cycles, the lights of St. Augustine on the horizon. ETA 0730.

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