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A Rum Birthday!

January 20th, 2008 · 5 Comments


I must admit I never thought I would have a birthday in Rum Cay, Bahamas. Unfortunately there will be no rum for me or Team Audax as we must try and catch a weather front that is coming through tonight, which will hopefully help us get south to Mayaguna, or Plana Islands. So when you ask “But the rum? Where has all the rum gone” It is not in any of our stomachs. Instead we are going to have a shower, a few cokes, and watch a bit of Patriots Football (hopefully WIN) before we head out on the high seas tonight. That means no more New Years drinking debacle for me!
As the photos can contest white sand beaches, drip sand castles, desolate islands, five o’clock cocktail hour, and a little Sunday Church service has been keeping Team Audax happy, healthy, and wise! So to all who are reading this, we thank you for doing so, and love the comments! Also thanks for the birthday wishes, and I hope you all are well.

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“Keep a firm grasp on both your character and your teaching. Both you and those who hear you will experience salvation” Timothy 4: 15-16

January 19th, 2008 · 1 Comment

P1010036 1445 -Quoting scripture from Rum Cay, whats next! :)
To have Faith….what else do youP1000748 really need other than food, clothing, shelter, money, friends, family, career, car, house, internet, a boat and the the list does go on as I walk down the beach pictured here (Conception Island) contemplating the amazingness of this awesome place. Such a simple word. To live a life full of enthusiasm and love. Having Faith? Can it be that simple?

P1010021Snorkeling amongst too many “coral heads” to count, running on the beach with sand so soft and smooth, a 0300 early morning start today in an effort to try and escape the predominant trade winds…yah right!!! Twas a thorny bumpy ride all the way here but now we chill at anchor “shlonging” of the Rum Cay Marina wi fi signal.

Stevey and Jordi underwater, photo album of Conception, photo album of taking photos!, new island report and route map.
P1010015P1010014 Great Exuma Islandgalliot to long island- the exumas

Past 2 days entries

P1010030 Thursday
0554“Poopyjuice success, team work, the sum of 3 parts working together stronger than the individual… an important lesson for me realizing I am not always right, in fact, sometimes I am entirely wrong.” Success and perseverance, a drive to succeed, the unwillingness to accept defeat. Let us rejoice, let us give thanks, Stevey rocks and the Audax no longer has aP1010041 failed sewage treatment system! Contrary to the less olfactory sensitive noses of Jordi and myself (and perhaps more so the unwillingness to get down and dirty) Steve employed a calculated, methodical, some might say vigilante style of attack that through the natural turn of events led to a team effort and successful triumph of a minor annoyance to put it lightly. I encourage all to read “Poopyjuice” and” Poopyjuice the sequel” at his site as we rest on anchor off of Moss Cay just South of Georgetown under windy conditions and the periodic rain shower!

Having moved onto the less spiritual book by Barack Obama “The Audacity of Hope” he talks about the loss of empathy in our society and the importance of the “Golden Rule.” On the boat there is a constant interaction just like on land, but with the difference being it’s the same 2 people in every situation. Consciously giving a little and asking the question “How would that make me feel?” before you act and react upon a situation can help dynamics out a lot. “Taking time/moments to reflect back on what just happened, how I am feeling about it, if I am enjoying it and if not, why not….”

1944 – “Rolly polly”…does anybody remember the game? Imagine this when you think of our anchorage tonight off Cape Santa Maria (this is what we get I suppose for choosing a spot not labeled in the guide book as a legit anchorage.) Nonetheless a truly magnificent backdrop and with the place all to ourselves we enjoy another early night after pork chops on the grill and Stevey’s famous mashed potatoes.

P1000751 0400 - Good morning and when I say morning I truly mean it! Getting up just over an hour ago at 0230 (feels like I am on watch schedule) due more than likely to the “early to bed, early to rise” mentality as of late, but also compounded by a loud, creaky, annoying, “hope the boat is not sinking” noise above my head in the aft bunk room has resulted in the call to action. The coffee is flowing and momental awareness grooving.

P1000717 Fishing update: You know you need a fishing lesson when you just lost another 2 lures (total now at 7) and the most you have to show for all the efforts it is a photograph of yourself with a fish too small to keep!! The latest story in shorthand form:
Late day trolling excursion by dingy…rain and broken reel; Fast forward to cocktail hour with a cigar in one hand, G & T in the other; huge fish spotted off the quarter deck…where is the speargun! Scramble for rod…cigar ashes everywhere; drop lure into water…no bite; add hotdog to lure….no bite; change lure…no bite; come on…jeeeeezzz; change lure again…no bite; add piece of raw pork chop to lure… BANG, whoa, holy cow, he’s on!!!!! He jumps, line snaps, game over.

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Speed Exumas…

January 16th, 2008 · 2 Comments

P1010023 0803 - Good morning from Georgetown, Great Exuma Island, a settlement of 1000 personas and our 2nd to last stop along the Exuma highway. Finally getting dialed into the weather forecasts on the SSB from Chris Parker on 4502 at 0630 and HerbP1000693 on 12359 at 1430 enabled a sweet beam reach sail down Exuma Sound yesterday and the outlook is most encouraging for our jump to Conception Cay via Cape Santa Maria on the tip of Long Island. The luxury of  typing this from Audax is due to the successful internet connectionP1010025 beaming out of this maximum security pit bull protected home shown (two tone white/yellow) that Jordi unselfishly braved his life to visit and negotiate the transaction: 1 pass code for $5! (Option B: $18/hour at the local internet cafe!).

P1010026 Provisioning at the Exuma market, a quick topside cleaning (in the islands it is a good deal when water only cost 20 cents/gallon) and plans to stop at the Georgetown Marina this PM for a 10 gallon drop off operation of well traveled “poopyjuice”

Photo tour of Black Point and Great Guana Cay, new island report, meditation slab at Georgetown and most recent routes
Great Guana CayP1010021warderwick to galliot- the exumas

P1010012 2208 – Bunk rotation and a routine day….dare we become too complacent in our enjoyment of this wonderful area. Scrolling through all our photos since Day 1 was the featured entertainment tonight aboard the Audax after a couple hands of the card game Hearts at cocktail hour. With provisions running low and no ice to speak of our trip to the metropolis of Georgetown tomorrow shall be a welcome return to civilization.

Today and yesterday we got a true Bahamian culturalP1010008 experience at Black Point Settlement. A friendly, but non touristy destination. P1010014Despite being a bit dirty (see island report) the overall vibe was strong although we did need to ante $10 for an hour of online time (free coffee was included!) at Lorraine’s café. Spectacular cliffs and dingy exploration upon arrival at Big Galliot Cay just shy of Galliot Cut and the entrance to Exuma Sound.

Fun times picking up trash and Black Point’s version of a Super Wall Mart

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Shakin not stirred….

January 14th, 2008 · 4 Comments

P1010027 1754 At anchor Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay, the Exumas. Acting as top secret agents Team Audax infiltrated Thunderball Grotto yesterday, the site of 2 James Bond action packed adventures andP1010041 home to a multitude of aquatic excitement caught with somewhat successful photography on my shock proof, waterproof, essentially John proof :) digital technological wonder. Afterwards enjoying local Bahamian brews (Kalik) at the StanielP1010046 Cay Yacht Club with the movie like experience of the day only amplified by the multitude of SHARKS encircling the club looking for scraps! Getting to watch the Patriots as well last night, what a treat!! Excitement over catching the first fist today enroute to Black Point but its macaroni and cheese with hot dogs tonight as size and unknown species type weighed in favor of saving the life.

P1010042 With the “Shlong” working brilliantly for the first time, team cohesion excellent, perhaps aided by a higher power and our attendance at baptist church this AM , some thoughts from the private journals…. “24 hours a day, 8 for sleep leaves 16 to make, create, imagine, evolve, for what reason though… our own happiness or something else, to do good for others, to improve life on this earth, but is this improvement for us or for others. I think I want to do things for myself that ultimtely excite me and then excite others and improve their life experiene which then ultimately improves my life experience, so does this make me selfish or compassionate… what it is that drives one, is it the same force for all manifested in different ways?”

First fish, photo album of Staniel Cay including Thunderball Grotto and the new island/trash/species report on Warderick Wells.

P1010052 Warderick Wells Cay

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Use your imagination, nothing happens but first a dream..

January 11th, 2008 · 2 Comments

P1000661 1505 Top of the day from Warderick Wells, headquarters of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and home of the first satellite connection deep in the Exumas and if the first 3 days are in any way telling of the rest of the islands I think we shall be just fine. As a picture can tell 1000 words a brief outline of our quick becoming ritual and then photos to follow: The Daily Travel Goal: 10-20 miles. The method: Awake, morning trip to the islands/cays for some exploration/island clean up, fire engine up and off anchor by 9ish, sail/motor 3-4 hours, arrive at destination by noon to 1, explore/snorkel/scuba dive/swim/relax/read/go to the beach/etc/et al, cocktail hour at 5, dinner at 7, read/movie and bed by 10…hit reset button. Note: I encourage all to take a look at the new island report on the right hand side of the navigation links)that I am working on and to please provide feedback as we work to live up to the mission goal of creating “The Caribbean Island Trail, “CITA ” modeled after our #1 sponsor MITA in Maine.),

An Iguana photorial courtesy of Stevey, the first bag of trash collected, island maps, our current route, and photo albums of the Allan Island Cays and Hawksbill Cay.

P1000672Allans Cay HarbourHawksbill Cayallans to warderwick - the exumas

Posts from sea

P1010095 Wednesday 2048 – Well we are sort of away from civilization as any trip up the companionway hatch reveals a sea of twinkling stars…oooops I mean mast head anchor lights atop the 20 plus fellow cruising compadres here at rest with us at Allan’s Cay Harbour. Crossing Exuma Bank today we dodged “coral head” outcroppings that I can only imagine isP1010097 somewhat analogous to negotiating a land mine laden battlefield except for the fact that if you hit one you don’t blow up, you just sink. A sincere heart derived thank you to all the active and retired duty military that have served the USA as well as other countries soldiers that have given their lives to enable yahoo’s like ourselves to even have the chance to write about an analogy like this in the first place. God bless America (and the Bahamas!)

P1000643 P1000646 Friday 0631 – Sunrise over Hawksbill Cay, carefully negotiating this photograph so as not to awake Steve and Jordi asleep on deck under what was a seriously magnificent starry sky. The light wind is making a gentle lapping sound against our vessel creating a random melody of vibrations off our aluminum mast. A very soundP1000642 nights sleep as we lie at mooring within the boundry lines of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, a 176 sq mileP1000639 resource protection zone and national park. The photos and island reports I feel speak for themselves and the sheer magnitude, beauty and sense of wonderful isolation (at least at this anchorage :) ) that we are currently experiencing. Conversations last night revolving around what we are uniquely good at, whatP1010109 drives one and what we perceive of ourselves. Perceptions dictate actions as what we think is who we are. We all have the amazing, god given ability to influence, to make a difference. Use this power wisely and consciously. Bring people up versus down. Give unselfishly with love and the abundance will swell up within. Thanks for reading!

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Exuma Exuberance

January 8th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Tuesday P1010083
1900 - Culture shock equals realizing you must ring a doorbell before you can enter a store (and I mean any store!!!) Culture shock equals having your heart skip a beat when you pour a clear liquid you assume is diesel into your gas tank and wondering why it is not red like everywhere else in the USA!!! Once again at Starbucks as my efforts to curb caffeine severely hindered by the desire to “get connected” thus necessitating the need for the purchase of a cup of joe at every venue!!

Sometimes the karma of a day is aligned just right and today felt like that for me…a little less mindless ruminating, less emphasis on time, not as much thinking about what lies two steps ahead and less wondering why I should be doing this and that versus just enjoying the action, the moment, the experience.

P1010064A trip across the bridge to Paradise Island with Jordi last night, but alas “paradise” was not found as lady luck in blackjack came crashing to an end in 3 hands, 2 chips and 60 seconds…game over! Today provisioningP1010070 at the market, talking on Skype, negotiating vegetable purchases at the local stand, head overflowP1010072 issues (enough said!!), 175 screws purchased for boat improvements and the highlight of the day a 45 minute run that tour guide St. John planned brilliantly bringing us by many of the sites, sounds and monuments Nassau has to offer.

Where to now??? The EXUMAS BABY!!!! Said my many to be some of the finest cruising grounds in the world…approximately 90 miles in length and jam packed with over 350 islands of all shape and size.

Photo tour of Nassau, the Exumas, dang that is a lot of conch!

PS: We continue to really love the comments and my apologies for a severe backup in responses to them.

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Finally some new islands!

January 7th, 2008 · 7 Comments

P1010058 1539- Land ho, its Nassau! A 0100 rousing, anchor up and the compass pointed due south for 60 nm. The hustle and bustle of the capital city quite evident upon landfall here on New Providence Island, the home to 250,000 out of the 350,000 total Bahamian population. For a country where 50% of the GDP is derived from tourism it is no wonder they have an area called Paradise Island that is themed after the Lost City of Atlantis, (looks sweet in that tourist type of way though!!). A wild, breezy (30 knot plus) sail today as weP1010062 managed to cruise along at 6-7 knots under less than 25% sail for most of the day. Nassau game plan: Provisioning/exploring/preparation and not getting our boat stolen (as this is supposedly the worst crime scene in a country that thus far has proved to be an extremely friendly, clean and safe country)

P1010051 0317 – Thorny instead of thornless…motoring instead of sailing…through the night exhaustion…damn we must be amateurs! It sure does feel good to be back at it though as I suspect the algae growth on the keel from lack of movement is surely impeding our speed over ground (SOG). With a course over ground of (COG) of 90 degrees and currently in the lee of the eastern side of Grand Bahama Island we pound forth through the night. Note: When you can’t successfully catch a fish, just wait and one will catch you as 2 flying fish decided to land aboard the Audax this past evening!!!!!

1851- Lights out at 7:00??? For the 1 am departure tomorrow morning Team Audax institutes “the early to bed, early to rise” mantra. Today was a THORNLESS voyage finally (after the initial 4-6 hours written about above). The anchor was down at Sandy Point on the farP1010054 southern end of Great Abaco Island by 1400 leaving us time for exploration and SG& T’s at 1700. In the quest for buried treasure we did stumble past a pirate ship on Gorda Cay aka Castaway Island, an island that was Disneyafied into a themed “fun under the sun” resort experience!! (Fact: Johnny Depp after his triumphant performance in Pirates of the Caribbean decided to buy his own island here in the Bahamas…if you have 20 million you can join him!

Notable shots:
Jordi’s first loaf of bread!!!; Keith – our excellent guide on Grand Bahama; The ladies we “picked-up” at Sandy Point.

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From another time..

January 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

1414 - Feeling a bit like explorers these past couple of days, Team Audax stumbled upon a time capsule of past grandeur seen in this photo (click to get full album). Talk about real estate potential…Triggs Huntington/St. John-Herrigel Enterprise may have found its location!!! With investment dollars beginning to pour into the island, I suspect 20 years from now the seeming misfortune of past efforts will be soon be found again. Alas no buried treasure unearthed or fountain of youth found, but we were all in awe and surely stepping lightly.

So the weather reports say continued 6-8 foot swells and winds steady from the East. A somewhat emotional meeting onP1010033 board Audax last night over routes, timing, agendas, and deadlines to make. With safe travel remaining Sir Charles to Nassau paramount I dare say have a plan! Tomorrow it will be a motor east hugging the coast of Grand Bahama…Sunday we shall shoot south, bypass the Berry’s and make Nassau by nightfall. Wish us luck and to all of you…lots of love!

Our mode of transportation – skateboard for Stevey, legs for J and J. The Garden of the Grove photo album -abandoned as well, but with work being done to bring it back to life.

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Jordi’s Back

January 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Day 7 of Bahama living and true to form we have not traveled far and things have been pretty laid back in comparison to the last month of pushing south to warmer weather. Is it just in the air down here, or is it society as a whole that slows the pace of life? It may be a bit of both, but for Team Audax it can also be attributed to having a lovely guest with us for a few days, and the strong northerly winds, which have been blowing at 20 knots and up to 40!

Being anchored away from the general hub-bub in a safe anchorage has given us all a chance to read, watch Kill Bill Volume I (Volume II is on the menu for tonight), and try not to worry about getting somewhere else, but enjoy being here, right now! Everyone we have met and talked with thus far has said how jealous they are of us doing a trip like this, and wonders how we managed to do it. Along with that they usually tell us that this trip will have a huge impact on our lives, and thus it is so great we are doing it at a younger age. I think I am starting to realize what people are talking about and in doing so am changing how I look at sitting in a harbor unable to move! We need to enjoy the journey not worry about getting from A to B, when we do it, or even when we get there. This is a bit along the lines of my last post about just trying to enjoy the roses, and is obviously something I am working on in my life and I am sure is import for many others as well.

As you have read in John and Steve’s blogs we had a great time on New Years. I am sure the photos can attest to that fact. For myself a little less alcohol would have been in order, and would have made my night a little easier to remember. Having Stacy, Ryan, Katisha, and Team Audax together, along with the fact that it was New Years made for a fun night, which I am sure we can have more of when you all come to visit!

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The Journey is the Destination…

January 2nd, 2008 · 3 Comments

P1010024 1348 Weather rules and team Audax’s diesel engine cools…. no departure today as the cold front passed through last night bringing with it 30 plus knot gusts and 9-12 foot seas. Adventerous late day excitement yesterday as Jordi and I made the decision to bring the boat from our $90/night docking slip to a man made basin at the mouth of the Lucayan Waterway…a 5 miles trek further east. Arriving just as darkness set it under eerily calm skies and no other boats for company, a simple dinner of ramen noodles con carrots and black beans then it was early lights out only to awaken briefly as the front blew in pouring rain down our hatches. A stealth mission to theP1010021 mostly abandoned/closed “Sir Charles Hayward Yacht Club,” the locking of our dingy for the first time, unable to convince a taxi to come grab us and thus walking 20 minutes before seeing any sign of civilization to ultimately catching a free ride aka hitchhiking in the back of a pick up truck to meet Stevey to replot our plan over Quizno’s subs in Port Lucaya…phew!! Looks like at the minimum 3 days here on the big island. As Bruce Van Saant writes in his book it is about making the most out of the unexpected, not getting anxiety ridden and upset with plan changes….the journey is the destination.

Our first war wound; Jordi’s finger (plus the culprit) and route map/current anchorage location.
P1000541 Xanadu to Sir Charles

PS: Most excellent photo shoot of New Years Eve eve at Steve’s site by clicking on the photo below

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