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Better late then never….Byron speaks!!

June 9th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The Caribbean Endeavor marks the most extreme adventure I’ve had in my life. It was an incredible experience

It ‘s packed with more memories and experiences that I can write. I’m extremely grateful to John, Jordi, Stevie and the Audax fans for making this trip possible.

John, Jordi, Audax, I charged through squalls, though pelting rain, over massive waves, and cut through powerful currents. We safely covered hundreds of miles of deep blue sailing. During our tour we were immersed in wildlife. We sipped tea while humming birds flew around us. We dove into water while sea turtles and barracudas swam under us. And towards the end of our voyage, dolphins escorted Audax north. We ate raw sugar cane, wild mangoes, and fried plantains. And when we didn’t have access to these local foods, we made our own concoctions like the chocolate frosting and peanut butter sandwich. On a couple occasions we enjoyed dining locally too (thank you Roger). New experiences were found every day. It’s remarkable to reflect on all the things we saw and experienced.

This trip is serves as testament to the power of dreams and intentions. John, Jordi, and Stevie had a grandiose vision. It’s the kind of vision that most people marvel at, but do not act upon. Not only did they act on their idea, but they carried it out successfully. I was fortunate to join them during the final leg of the trip.

Having virtually no sailing experience, I quickly learned the core concepts of sailing. I enjoyed diving into this adventure at full speed. It was a risk for me to fly down to the Caribbean to spend 5 weeks with people I did not know. But I took a risk in my life, and was rewarded with a phenomenal trip and great new friends.

Now that I’m back on land, my mind is racing. It’s racing with memories from the trip and plans of what I will do next. This trip reminds me to “think big” in life. I want to truly live life to the fullest. I now feel unstoppable and look forward to taking on new endeavors in my life.

Living our dreams – that what we did on the Audax. It was a trip market by many good things… good things.

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  • 1 Rodger // Jun 13, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    Congratulations. Look forward t weeing you at Team Audax party. Sorry you misssed dinnner.

  • 2 Kylie Batt // Apr 11, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    вааааааа не то что улыбнуло оборвало полностью супер просто давай исчо…

    Ассистент стоматолога The Caribbean Endeavor marks the most extreme adventure I’ve had in my life…..

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