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A tale of a sail….

May 17th, 2008 · 11 Comments

A 900 mile journey that by the end…
we were in a serious hurry.
As we raced to get in…
before the gale force winds that would have had us severely pinned.
We now rest for our next test.
Thanking a higher power from above with all our love.

The logs from at sea….
P1010102 Friday (9th) – Noon position: 18’ 19” N 63’11” W
Off the western coast of the Anguilla. We officially left today at 1000… 16 hours later than planned due to what one could certainly call a fiasco. Ben, our 4th team member, was deported at gunpoint upon his arrival yesterdayP1010093 in St. Marten because he only had a one way ticket and did not have an official letter from the captain of the Audax detailing his return trip aboard the boat. Not being allowed any communication whatsoever to try and reach out to us as we sat and waited to rendezvous a stones throw away at the nearby Mc Donald’s as he was forced to purchase a ticket for immediate return to the states….enough said! Thus a team 3 strong we set out under extremely favorable conditions. With the wind just off our aft beam, moderate seas and sunny skies we cruise along at 7 knots.

Saturday (10th) –20’24” N 63’32” W; 24 hour log: 136 nm

P1010110 Settling into the routine under calm to moderate conditions. Light 10-12P1010094 knot breeze, 4-6 foot seas. Sunny skies above as we cruise along at 5-6 knots. Byron avidly working to catch a fish, some repair work to Abby and lots of suntan lotion for all.

Sunday (11th) –22’30” N 63’23” W; 24 hour log: 125 nm
With light southerly winds we motor north under a hot sun. Calm conditions persist as we P1010085enjoyed a dip in the 3 mile deep water today! The daily sextant reading hasP1010084 us close by 40 nm to our current position :) Zoning into our respective watch/sleep cycles resulted in the best aka least sleepy night watch schedule last night under a beautiful quarter moon and pseudo cloudy skies.

Monday (12th) – 24’52” N 63’52” W; 24 hour log: 143 nm

P1010113 As the winds begin to build, the Audax begins to roll. Steaming along at 7 plus knots with 15-20 knots out of the SW and seas 4-6 feet under partially cloudy skies. Listening religiously to Herb and obtaining the weather faxes has us feeling pretty comfortable about our current position as we closely watch theP1010079 frontal storm systems that are passing to the North of us. Card playing, reading and misc boat work filled our day here at sea whilst cake frosting and “fun dip” helped get us through the night watch!

P1010086 Tuesday (13th) – 27’18” N 64’28” W; 24 hour log: 150 nm
Sunny skies currently. A nice reprieve from the thunder, lightning, winds and rain we experienced earlier today. We passed across the cold frontal boundaryP1010087 and the winds blew (30+ knots) and the seas raged. We reefed our sails and thus prevailed! We now sail along with half canvas at 6 knots with a 8-10 foot swell and a moderate westerly breeze of 15+ knots.

P1010096 Wednesday (14th) – 29’28” N 64’20” W; 24 hour log: 130 nm
Slicing north through a 10-12 foot westerly swell under partly sunny skies and cooler temps…conditions quite similar to New England summer seasonP1010081 weather…bye bye Caribbean trades. Its 175 miles to go as we just sighted a few migratory birds and keep our self busy with a constant changing of canvas due to an oscillating breeze of 10-20 knots out of the West/North West that has us moving forward at anywhere from 4-8 knots.

Thursday (15th) – 30’22” N 64’47” W; 24 hour log: 80 nm
P1010107 Winds from the North…Bermuda (120 nm) to the North. The Decision: A 90 degree turn to the West and we were so close!! We now await Herb’s report at 1600 and to receive critical weather faxes at 1700 to help us bestP1010088 determine our next course of action as we sail under reefed main and genoa in a 6-9 foot NW swell, 10-25 knot variable wind and squally conditions. Long underwear and socks last night…that was a true delight! Also our first boat spotted this AM since leaving St. Marten 800 miles ago!

Friday (16th) – 31’50” N 64’53” W; 24 hour log: (75 nm est)
Cruising along under calm seas and light breezes. What a difference 12 hours can make as P1010089Bermuda before gale force winds and dark looks real good. From high stress decisions and bouncing around in 10 foot swells with the engine at full throttle making 2 knots into a strong headwind last night to comfortable motor sailing at 6 knots under sunny skies today….we breath a sincere sigh of relief.

P1010114 1830 WE ARE THERE!! With an hour of sunlight to spare… a whooooo hoooooo!!!!

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  • 1 Jillian R.H. Herrigel // May 17, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Rodger, writing under Jillian’s name, want to be the first to congratulate you and thank all powers great and small.

  • 2 Jillian R.H. Herrigel // May 17, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    XOXO MOM/Jillian

  • 3 Pat // May 17, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    Wheeeeeeeewey, sigh, gasp….this Team Audax fan crew is a little less stressed…..:)
    Sorry to hear of such hard”ships”…awwwwww jeeeez, p ….no pun intended…just trying to lighten the load a bit :) LOL

    Thoughts are with you….we’re all bringing you and Team Audax home….

    Stay safe and strong…keep that grit baby!!!
    hugs, p

  • 4 Pat // May 17, 2008 at 3:01 pm


    Follow the light!
    God Bless :)

  • 5 Hank Humphrey // May 17, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    I can now breathe easier knowing you got that far without gas filter clogging, etc–weather on East Coast sucks—stay there awhile and re-gas yourselves—good navigating, being within 40 nm of your sextant position!!—
    had lunch with your Pop Thurs–


  • 6 Uncle Bruce & Aunt Katy // May 17, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    So glad to hear of your safe arrival. We were sending our prayers!

  • 7 Mitch and Martha // May 18, 2008 at 7:18 am

    Congratulations and phew!! Since we had dinner and a fun evening with Rodger and Jillian, we can report first hand that they are happy and much relieved to hear of your arrival on land! Looking forward to seeing you shortly.
    M&M (and Sheba)

  • 8 SpeedScrabbleMaster // May 24, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Nice work, boys! Good luck on the next leg, and remember, if things start to go sideways on you, hoist the FYC burgee. She’ll carry you through.

  • 9 Kylie Batt // Apr 16, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Не беда!…

    Мастер-шиномонтажа As we raced to get in…
    before the gale force winds that would have had us severely pinned.
    We now rest for our next test…..

  • 10 Kylie Batt // Apr 20, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Прошу прощения, это мне не подходит. Может, есть ещё варианты?…

    Мерчендайзер As we raced to get in…
    before the gale force winds that would have had us severely pinned.
    We now rest for our next test…..

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